An exciting way to bid adieu to 2018. The Youreka Winter Camps are being conducted at our newest camps – Kangra Forest Valley and Satpura Cliff Meadows.

The children will spend 5 days experiencing the wilderness and connecting with Nature. They will engage in building Outdoor Survival skills by undertaking treks through the breathtaking terrains at Kangra and Tamia. This will culminate in a night out in the wilderness where they pitch their tents and set up a camp, cook their own food and sit around the bon fire gazing at the stars. They will navigate through the maze of ropes through 11 different challenges that will build mutual trust & support. Through all this, they will be taken out of their comfort zone and will build confidence & belief in their abilities - A great way to start 2019!

Camps will be held 
@ Kangra Forest Valley: 26-30 Dec 2018 for 9 - 14 year olds
@Satpura Cliff Meadows: 25-30 Dec 2018 for 12 - 14 year olds


Kangra Forest Valley, Kangra, Himachal Pradesh

Another brand new campus we have completed in 2018 and already a popular destination! The Kangra Forest Valley campus is located in the transition zone from the Plains to the high Himalayas, at an altitude of 2000ft. It is also located at the site of the Ultimate Survival Camp! The valley's natural beauty is reknowned with streams, temperate forests and 180 degree views of the Dhauladhar Peaks. The campus is surrounded by tea estates & boasts of pomegranate plantation & curry pata within. The campus is located 1.5hrs from Dharamshala & 3.5hrs from Chandigarh by road.

Satpura Cliff Meadows, Tamia, Madhya Pradesh

A Brand new campus ready to welcome it's first guests! Located at an altitude of a little over 3000 ft, amidst rolling meadows & maize farms, the camp is spread over 18 Acres of a cliff. Our only campus where the sun rises & sets on the campus, it also has a spectacular view of the Patalkot Valley. Till some years ago, the valley was completely hidden and isolated from the mainstream in terms of accessibility and visibility. The local tribes and villages reminds one of the primitive/agrarian livelihoods. Experience the peaceful serenity of nature which the untouched valley offers. The campus is located 3.5hrs from Nagpur & 4.5hrs from Bhopal by road. It is in the Satpura Forest range and close to popular hill station, Pachmarhi.


We are proud of our safety record over the last 22 years and never take it for granted. Safety is our topmost priority and therefore we have won the Trust of parents of over 70000 children. We understand your concerns of safety and provide a physically and emotionally safe environment where kids can be themselves and explore new. Our S.T.A.R. instructors are trained to be "parents" to the kids that come to Youreka!



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