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Youreka Adventure Camps

Youreka is the pioneer and largest company in adventure based learning. Since 1996, over 70,000 children have participated in our camps. Learn about our Summer Camps and why wilderness camps can build essential life skills.

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Youreka New Delhi schedule summer camps for kids

Schedule 2019

Summer Camps 2019 Schedule
Lots of newness to look forward to at the Youreka Summer Camps as we bring you exciting new campsites, new challenges & newness to the classic with the same level of care and safety that we are reknowned for!

  • 8 Campsites
  • 47 Camps
  • 10 Ultimate Challenge Camps
  • 12 Age-Appropriate Activities

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Choose from a range of activities from Start up programs for the first timers to snow & water challenges for the seasoned campers! Each campus has its own set of unique activities and even though Rock Climbing is rock climbing, each rock face is different and poses its own challenges.

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During the course of the programme, participants discover latent qualities in themselves which we recognise. Champs are the kids who show the FIND qualities we believe help a student lead himself/herself well.

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Summer Brochure

All About Youreka Summer Camps in this flip through E-Brochure.

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Post Registration

Once you have registered, it is important to be physically & mentally prepared for the Camp. 

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