Teacher Empowerment Programme - Creating the Teacher-COACH

Given the importance of Teachers in our lives, we often hear many great teachers lament the fact that their contribution or special place in society is not always acknowledged and (worse) appreciated!

Great institutions are deeply aware of the developmental and motivational needs of their teachers and invest time and resources to ensuring that they get due respect and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Teachers must be able to work effectively across departments, to embolden a ‘One School, One Team’ mind set. As the role models for students (whether they wish to be or not!), teachers have the responsibility to ensure that all norms are respected and the school’s codes of conduct followed without exception. Teachers must also focus on empowering their students to take on challenges.

But perhaps the greatest role of teachers is their ability to guide, facilitate, and inspire life-long learning. Test scores cannot measure the value that a teacher brings to a child’s learning process. Instead, that value manifests itself through the challenges and obstacles their students face and overcome in a lifetime. It is measured in their ability to move life forward in purposeful directions.

In other words, teachers must become teacher-coaches as they view and live their role as life educators for young minds.


C: Creates an environment that fosters interactions, ideation, and collaboration
O: Openly appreciates new ideas & accepts questions that may challenge their own ideas
A: Accepts Responsibility for setting & living the culture of the school
C: Contributes to the school in various positive & memorable ways
H: Holistically looks at each student’s individual growth, with a view towards his or her future

Any teacher that works with these attitudes, possesses these skills, and exhibits these behaviors is, to us, a Youreka TEACHER-COACH - someone who will be described by her/his student in just these ways twenty years later.

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