Youreka for Student Leaders

For Prefects and Student leaders in the school. A program that helps build the team and action plan to deliver their goals!

Student Leaders must have the ability to communicate effectively with other people, not only students, but teachers, school leaders, guests, and parents.

Their role often involves working in teams, managing projects, ensuring discipline, making decisions, handling conflicts, being the face of the school externally, and representing fellow students.

It is the Student Leaders that must truly "live" & "showcase" the Culture of a school (thus they can make or break it too!).


A: Accept Responsibility for the Culture of the school
C: Contribute to the School in various positive & memorable ways
E: Enable & Empower juniors and peers alike to flourish and thrive by using their authority/position wisely

Any student-leader that works with these attitudes, possesses these skills, and exhibits these behaviors is, to us, an ACE-STUDENT LEADER - someone who will leave a valuable legacy behind and savor it in life and on every visit back to the school for alumni events for years.


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