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Youreka For Schools Programme is our much recommended flagship programme for students of Grades 4-12. Over 100 schools across India and UK have experienced this programme, with many schools having included the programme as an integral part of their curriculum. The programme is designed in an age-appropriate manner, follows the experimental learning cycle methodology and is driven by the 4E3C philosophy. The 4Es leads to the 3C outcome of each child. The program aims to build confidence and self-worth while helping the child challenge his or her fears and limits. 

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The Youreka Experience involves moving from "I CAN'T" to "I CAN" & "I WILL" by:

  1. Throwing oneself with the group into Unfamiliar Experiences which involve high-quality teamwork
  2. Observing, Recording and Reflecting on patterns of behaviour - one's own and that of the group
  3. Sharing and taking Feedback from each other to make sense of one's experiences and relating to Concepts or building Skills around the learning
  4. Relating one's learning to the ambience and Apply oneself in the everyday environment
Youreka New Delhi Diagram 2 Youreka Camps Adventure Camps for Kids Summer Camps in India 2

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