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Youreka Adventure Camps for kids Safety
Safety is key to our success at Youreka. With the nature of our adventure-based camps, rigorous risk and safety management procedures are followed. We follow International guidelines on safety standards on our activities and equipment. While we give utmost importance to physical safety,  we also give equal importance to one more aspect of safety - Emotional Safety because we understand that we are caring for kids who are outside the comfort of their homes and parents.

Our leaders are certified instructors from Outward Bound, NOLS, the Himalayan Mountain Institute, and Nehru Institute of Mountaineering schools and undergo vigorous and meticulous instruction during our pre-season training.

You can expect your child to push themselves, both mentally and physically, by taking risks within our safety standards that will result in self empowerment, a newfound courage and sense of trust and most importantly a sound outcome.

At Youreka we understand before we can ask your child to stretch themselves, they must have complete confidence in our staff – we are ready to meet this challenge! When your children sign up for Youreka they become part of our family.

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