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Dear Mr.Rakesh and Mr Ronny,

Greetings from Nalanda International School

It gives me immense pleasure to share that the class 11 camp to Kambre has had a different impact on our students and educators. The students have thoroughly enjoyed all the activities they were exposed too. They also shared the interactive sessions which were handled by your team.  The exposure provided to them has lifted them to a whole new level of enthusiasm, energy, confidence and attitude.
I believe through this programme we as a school has been able to achieve few of our objectives in disciplining students and helping them introspect themselves.
A lot positive has been shared by our students, educators, parents and we truly appreciate the involvement of your team in making the programme a success.
We look forward for such programmes from your organisation that contributes to the true growth of a child.

Warm Regards
Shoba Menon
Nalanda International School

"My  senior  girls  had  been  going  to  hill  destinations   for   6  years  in  a  row.  When  they  heard  they  were  going  to  Sitlakhet-  again  in  the  hills,  there were  cold,  sullen  vibes.  But  when  they  returned,  I  received  the  warmest  thanks  ever !    In  their  report  to  the  rest  of  the  school  during  assembly,  they  declared  Youreka  to  be  the  most  hands  on, most  relevant,  most  REAL  experience  ever !  They  felt  empowered  to  go  out  into  the  world  -  not  just  to  survive,  but  to  make  a  difference. They  strongly  recommended  the    experience  to  every  senior  batch  because  schooling  is not  complete  without  the  Youreka  experience." 

Nishi Misra
Scindia Kanya Vidyalaya

In the 5 years that Youreka has engaged with Oakridge, children have had some of the most memorable experiences in a wilderness setting. The programs have worked well in helping children connect with nature and boost their confidence. The Youreka team is student focussed and I am confident with their safety approach and flow of various activities.

Rohit Sen Bajaj
Oakridge International

The senior students from CIRS have been participating in the Youreka camp since last three years. Children enjoy the adventure camps organised by Youreka. As an organisation they have a very good structure that both their planning and execution is remarkable. They come out with a lot of innovations that Children and teachers have always given a very positive feed back about the program. The camps objectives are well laid out and there is a lot of learning for children. All schools should give an exposure of this kind to their students.

Wishes to Youreka
Shanti Krishnamurthy
Chinmaya International Residential School

I feel fortunate to have been associated so closely with the Youreka team and have had life changing experiences with them. Youreka is not just an adventure trip but a life changing experience- a must for all who want to get to know themselves. Each day at the camp unfolds a new facet of one’s personality and it won’t be wrong to say that Youreka is a journey of self discovery!

Nishaa Bhakar
Sancta Maria Intl School

Our students and teachers were absolutely delighted with Youreka program. In fact teachers were extremely happy and quoted that they experienced one of the best programs.

Best wishes
Pramod Sharma
Genesis Global School

One testimonial is that I keep seeing kids wearing your t-shirts. In fact, I walked behind one this morning and was thinking about "Play The Real Thing" as your slogan.
I would also say that since we have asked Youreka to take over our outdoor education program with the senior program, the level of satisfaction with the program has increased noticeably with students and teachers. Now that we use it as part of the FA assessments, it is important that we are in synch regarding the purpose of the experience in terms of its impact on the development of our students.  As you know, we base our school's philosophy partly on the works of Kurt Hahn, who believed strongly in the importance of a wilderness experience that provides a physical, mental and emotional challenge to the student as essential to enhance leadership and character skills--but the students have to enjoy the experience and it has to be managed well in order for the growth to occur. (That's my belief anyway.) If they hate it because it is too hard-core, they will never want to experience the wilderness again, let alone be willing to challenge themselves, and I appreciate Youreka for striking that balance.

Kaye Jacob
Heritage School

"The Doon School has been working with Youreka for several years now, mainly to conduct Leadership workshops for the Prefects. However, realizing the value their workshops add to our students lives, we now have an year round programme for the entire school based on their E-STAR programme. The Youreka workshops have brought about a shift in the focus of the students that is greatly appreciated by the school and parents."

Anez Katre
HOD Training,
Doon School, Dehradun

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