Hot off the Press! The #Makeit100 Offer:
Inspired by the FB post by #vandanasufiakatoch. Come with your Marksheet to register for Youreka Summer Camps 2019 and get Rs100 discount for every % below 100% that you scored! Celebrate your strengths, build Confidence with Youreka & score 100% in life!

Terms & Conditions of the offer:
  • Offer valid till 23 May 2019
  • Rs100 discount for every % below 100%
  • Applicable only if no other discount has been availed
  • Registration valid only with own marksheet
Early Bird Offer
DiscountValid Till
Rs 4,00031 Jan 2019
Rs 2,00028 Feb 2019

Youreka Summer Alumni:
Every past visit to Youreka Nature Campouts in Summer earns you Rs750 Discount.


Youreka Champ
Every Youreka Champ Certificate earns you Rs750 Discount.


Every friend who registers for the first time for Youreka Summer Camp with your reference on their registration forms, earns you Discounts as below. Go free by referring more friends!

Referral Discounts
1 FriendRs 750
2 FriendsRs 1,750
3 FriendsRs 3,000
4 FriendsRs 4,500
5 FriendsRs 6,000
6 FriendsRs 7,750
7 FriendsRs 10,000
8 Friends & MoreRs 1,500 per friend

Data Reference:
Every email/phone reference of a friend earns you Rs100 Discount.


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