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Dear Parent,

Your Child is Safe with us. No News is good news because we will call you if there is an issue. So plan your own holidays and enjoy your time out from kids while we take care of them. If you must know what's happening at camp, please scroll down and see the update for your camp code.

Please note:

  1. Updates are posted once a day around 2:00 pm.
  2. Photos are posted only when the kids return from camp as there is only intermittent internet connectivity at our wilderness sites and we like to keep it that way.
  3. Photos will be posted on our Facebook page once the child returns
  4. We do not allow talking to the child while on camp. You may call our Delhi office at 011-40801100 or 1800-1033301 to inquire.
  5. In case of Emergency only, please call 8130941100. This number is answered between 8pm and 11pm.

CCJ11 - Program Updates

16 Mar 2019

CCJ11 - Yercaud Day 4
Yesterday, the boys groups left for their nightout at 3.30pm and navigated themselves to their respective camping spots. The groups went for a night walk after winding up dinner. The boys in Queen group decided to sleep solo out under stars and were thrilled with it. Chuck it also slept out under the stars on the tarp but did not attempt the solo sleep. Meanwhile, the girls had a talent night filled with singing dancing and jokes. A lot of bonding and camaraderie took place. This morning, the boys groups returned early and all of them did their closing ceremonies with sharing and appreciation. They had breakfast and left camp at 9.55am. Kids are all doing fine and enjoyed the stay. 

15 Mar 2019

CCJ11 - Yercaud Day 3

Yesterday, the Chinese lunch was a big hit as usual. Both the girls groups packed their backpacks and set out with their compass and maps by 3.30pm. They navigated themselves to their respective camping spots where they pitched their tents and set up a fire to cook dinner. Kids enjoyed their dinner and the sunset views. After winding up, they sat around the campfire, sang and exchanged and ghost stories. The girls returned to camp this morning. Meanwhile, Chuck it did tree climbing in the afternoon and played a game of volleyball. Queen took up the multivine challenge. The boys put up their talent show in the evening after reflection time. This morning, there was a lot of chatter during breakfast as the girls shared their experiences. After breakfast, boys went for learning survival skills which they will apply at their nightout while the girls went for tree climbing and ropes course. Kids are doing fine and enjoying the bright, sunny weather.

14 Mar 2019

CCJ11 - Yercaud Day 2
Children reached campus at around 2pm yeasterday and were greeted with hot lunch and warm smiles. The campus is a familiar place for many of them. After lunch, they were briefed on campus rules and then settled into their tents. Kids were divided into four activity groups and they set out for a short hike and expectation sharing around 4pm. The girls groups named themselves Jeejumba and Kaka Patakas while the boys groups named themselves Queen and Chuck It! Tea of veggie pakodas was followed by solo and reflection after they returend from their hike. They all enjoyed Minute to Win It games in the evening. After dinner, kids were still not tired and the groups decided to do a night walk and many were awestruck with the stars they saw in the night sky!

Kids woke up this morning to a clear and very breezy day. They started their day with full group energisers and games. Breakfast of alu parathas went down very quickly and they then left for activities. Both the girls groups learnt navigation and navigated themselves to different destinations. Queen did tree climbing while Chuck It went for ziplining. Kids are all doing fine.

Team Youreka

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