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Your Child is Safe with us. No News is good news because we will call you if there is an issue. So plan your own holidays and enjoy your time out from kids while we take care of them. If you must know what's happening at camp, please scroll down and see the update for your camp code.

Please note:

  1. Updates are posted once a day around 2:00 pm.
  2. Photos are posted only when the kids return from camp as there is only intermittent internet connectivity at our wilderness sites and we like to keep it that way.
  3. Photos will be posted on our Facebook page once the child returns
  4. We do not allow talking to the child while on camp. You may call our Delhi office at 011-40801100 or 1800-1033301 to inquire.
  5. In case of Emergency only, please call 8130941100. This number is answered between 8pm and 11pm.

J7 - Program Updates

12 May 2019

J7 - Yercaud Day 7
Last night's talent & DJ night was enjoyed by all the kids and they did not want it to end. Kids woke up this morning, packed their bags, cleaned their tents and had breakfast. After breakfast, they had a high energy round of the Youreka Premiere League where the teams pitted their skills against each other. They then sat down for their closing ceremonies with sharing and appreciation. They bid their goodbyes with mixed feelings after an early lunch, sad to leave but excited to be going home. We hope you will listen to all their stories and continue their regular exposure to nature and the wonderful outdoors. Research shows that Nature is essential for the physical, mental and emotional well being of children while free play outdoors helps to build life skills like problem solving, decision making, risk taking and interpersonal relationships.

11 May 2019

J7 - Yercaud Day 6
It's Twins Day on campus and kids have chosen their twin. It's amusing to watch them all twinning! Blabber Mouths & No Idea had a great nightout and returned this morning excited with their experiences too. Unique Yourekas had the campus to themselves yesterday evening. They played Market Place at camp fun & this morning were happy to greet their friends as they all returned from their nightout. After breakfast, Unique Yourekas & Blabber Mouths both went for a refreshing stream walk while No Idea went for a long ride applying all their skills. After lunch, No Idea will be doing their challenge day with an obstacle course while Blabber Mouths will do creative work making Thank you cards and Unique Yourekas will engage in a Treasure hunt. Kids are all looking forward to putting up their Talent Night in the evening. They are doing fine.

10 May 2019

J7 - Yercaud Day 5
It's a sunny day and energy is super high & infectious on the campus. Yesterday Unique Yourekas had a great nightout and returned this morning charged up and sharing their experiences. No Idea played Noodle Hockey in the afternoon while Blabber Mouth learnt survival skills. In the evening, they all had fun playing Market Place. This morning, after breakfast, Blabbers went for rappelling while No Idea went for a longer ride where they practised all that they had learnt in the past couple of days. Unique Yourekas reflected on their experiences of the night before and then went to learn more bushmen skills like rain shelter and signalling. Kids are all doing fine and even better because it is Free Hugs Day today on camp :)

09 May 2019

J7 - Yercaud Day 4
Yesterday afternoon after lunch, Blabber Mouths spent their time doing Nature-inspired craft work while Unique Yourekas tried their hands at archery & rifle shooting. No Idea learnt bike repairing skill, an important skill up in the mountain. In the evening, Unique Yourekas went to learn night signalling which they found intriguing. The other 2 groups played high energy games of Glass Tower and Balloon Burst on campus. Energy is high with the kids and got higher after games at chota hazari. After breakfast, Blabber Mouths went for top rope climbing, Unique Yourekas went to learn navigation using different methods. No idea learnt more biking skills as they progressed through their obstacles. They did a short ride today using the skills they have learnt. Weather is sunny and warm & the kids' excitement is sky high!

08 May 2019

J7 - Yercaud Day 3
Yesterday, after lunch, Blabber Mouths did archery and bracelet making on campus, Unique Yourekas went to understand how bushmen lived while No Idea learnt drifting skills. It rained yesterday evening while the kids were cosy in the KPRD playing ping pong balls and having fun. Kids woke up this morning with high energies. The clouds were low on campus after yesterday's rains and the kids emerged after chota hazari dressed as pirates. After breakfast, Blabber Mouths went for bouldering and learnt various knots; Unique Yourekas went to learn survival skills in the wilderness like fire making, tent & tarp pitching; No Idea learnt more skills on the bike with ledge roll and off trail riding. All the kids are doing well & enjoying their activities and being in nature!

07 May 2019

J7 - Yercaud Day 2
The group reached campus yesterday in 2 batches with the Bangalore group reaching by 3.30pm. Hope you received our sms. Kids were tired and hungry and immediately got to their lunch. They settled into their tents after a campus orientation, got to know their tent mates and then got into their activity groups and played games. In the evening, they played Wag the Tail which all of them enjoyed. 

This morning, kids woke up fresh. Their energy is super high and they did not really need energising at chota hazari. There are 2 white star groups & 1 red star group. Rock Force has named themselves Blabber Mouths, Bushcraft named themselves Unique Yourekas & Red star Biking is called No Idea. After breakfast, both Blabber mouths and Unique Yourekas went for a hike and learnt Mountain Manners and Leave No Trace principles. No Idea went to learn basics of the bike and biking. all the kids are fine & excited.

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