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Dear Parent,

Your Child is Safe with us. No News is good news because we will call you if there is an issue. So plan your own holidays and enjoy your time out from kids while we take care of them. If you must know what's happening at camp, please scroll down and see the update for your camp code.

Please note:

  1. Updates are posted once a day around 2:00 pm.
  2. Photos are posted only when the kids return from camp as there is only intermittent internet connectivity at our wilderness sites and we like to keep it that way.
  3. Photos will be posted on our Facebook page once the child returns
  4. We do not allow talking to the child while on camp. You may call our Delhi office at 011-40801100 or 1800-1033301 to inquire.
  5. In case of Emergency only, please call 8130941100. This number is answered between 8pm and 11pm.

QMJ - Program Updates

16 Oct 2018

QMJ - Yercaud Day 4
The day is bright and sunny! Kids are all doing good. Yesterday was an awesome show of talent and going all out on the dance floor. This morning, kids packed up, cleaned their tents & had breakfast after which they did their closing ceremonies with sharing & appreciation. They are on their way home. We hope you will listen to their stories & continue their regular exposure to nature & the outdoors. Nature ensures our physical, mental & emotional well-being while outdoor play teaches children life skills like problem solving, decision making, collaboration & interpersonal skills which are essential for success in the 21st Century!

15 Oct 2018

QMJ - Yercaud Day 3
Last evening, kids played basket the ball during camp fun. All the kids are upbeat, extremely sharp, super imaginative & very expressive! They are a joy to all the instructors who are with them. Both groups went for their activities today. During the morning they did rock climbing and rappelling. In the afternoon, they'll do low ropes course and multi wine. Kids are looking forward to the evening when they will showcase their Talents at the Talent Night! They are all doing fine & enjoying!

14 Oct 2018

QMJ - Yercaud Day 2
Kids reached the campus safely at 5.20pm yesterday evening. We hope you got our sms. They were all excited to be at the camp and attacked the snacks upon arrival. They then had their campus briefing & then settled into their tents. In the evening, they played games together, got to know each other better & then slept early after dineer to rest & recover for the activities today.
The kids woke up to clouds with the sun peeping out from time to time. They energised with chota hazari & then had breakfast. They are in 2 groups and went for their morning activities. 1 group went for rappelling & stream walk while the other went for ropes course. They have had lunch & are relaxing. They will go for their afternoon activities soon. Kids are energetic & excited & doing well!

Team Youreka

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