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Your Child is Safe with us. No News is good news because we will call you if there is an issue. So plan your own holidays and enjoy your time out from kids while we take care of them. If you must know what's happening at camp, please scroll down and see the update for your camp code.

Please note:

  1. Updates are posted once a day around 2:00 pm.
  2. Photos are posted only when the kids return from camp as ours is a wilderness campsite where we like everyone to disconnect from the technological world & immerse in nature.
  3. Photos will be posted on our Facebook page once the child returns
  4. We do not allow talking to the child while on camp. You may call our Delhi office at 011-40801100 or 1800-1033301 to inquire.
  5. In case of Emergency only, please call 8130941100. This number is answered between 8pm and 11pm.

GRG7 - Program Updates

3 March 2019

GRG7 - Tirthan Day 5
Kids enjoyed all the activities yesterday and were all cozily in their tents when it started raining. The rain stopped and the kids energised during chota hazari this morning. After breakfast, they went for games & ropes challenge. They are now getting ready to pit themselves against each other in the Youreka Premiere League after which they will do their closing ceremonies. They are all looking forward to the Talent show which they will put up and the DJ night tonight. Kids are doing fine.

2 March 2019

GRG7 - Tirthan Day 4
Yesterday, the day out proved to be fun for the kids. They enjoyed the activities & returned happy to camp. Kids discussed collaboration and leadership in their groups post that, all the kids enjoyed Mute ad making during camp fun time.
It’s cloudy today at Tirthan. After breakfast Snowsters went for bouldering and rock climbing they will explore rappelling post lunch. Flappy went out for rappelling now and they will continue rock climbing in the second half. All are fine at campus

1 March 2019

GRG7 - Tirthan Day 3
Yesterday evening, both the groups had an interactive session where they had a discussion on courage and confidence, teachers also took part and shared thought with kids. In the camp fun kids enjoyed fun games "have you seen my goat"and "the mute band".
Kids woke up this morning fresh and started their day with exercises followed by energisers. After breakfast, both groups packed their backpacks with rations and personal stuff and set out for their day out. They navigated themselves to a camping spot, set up a fire and cooked their own lunch. They returned for their snacks now to the campus. All the kids are doing fine and enjoying at the moment.

28 Feb 2019

GRG7 - Tirthan Day 2

All the kids reached campus safe and sound by 9.10pm. We hope you got our sms. It had snowed in Tirthan yesterday afternoon but cleared by the evening. A white campus, starry night and warm fire was awaiting the kids when they reached. They were greeted with hot soup which warmed them up from the insides while the fire took care of the outside. After campus orientation, kids had their dinner and settled into the tents for the night.

It's a sunny day today. Kids started the morning energetically during chota hazari. They enjoyed their breakfast and then got into their activity groups. They have named their groups "Flappy" and "Snowsters". Both groups played ice breaker games and then did expectation sharing and norm setting. After Lunch, they will go and get introduced to the wonderful outdoor world and nature. Evening snacks, solo time and then camp fun games are all lined up for the rest of the day. Kids are doing fine and getting acclimatised.

Team Youreka

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