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Your Child is Safe with us. No News is good news because we will call you if there is an issue. So plan your own holidays and enjoy your time out from kids while we take care of them. If you must know what's happening at camp, please scroll down and see the update for your camp code.

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  1. Updates are posted once a day around 2:00 pm.
  2. Photos are posted only when the kids return from camp as ours is a wilderness campsite where we like everyone to disconnect from the technological world & immerse in nature.
  3. Photos will be posted on our Facebook page once the child returns
  4. We do not allow talking to the child while on camp. You may call our Delhi office at 011-40801100 or 1800-1033301 to inquire.
  5. In case of Emergency only, please call 8130941100. This number is answered between 8pm and 11pm.

G7 - Program Updates

23rd June 2019

G7 - Day 7
Yesterday's YPL & Talent Night was a big hit. Kids were in high spirits! This morning, kids woke up, packed up their bags, cleaned their tents and had breakfast. Post breakfast they sat down to do their closing ceremonies with sharing and appreciation. The group started on their homeward journey after lunch with mixed feelings. We hope you will listen to all their stories and continue their regular exposure to nature and the wonderful outdoors. Research shows that Nature is essential for the physical, mental and emotional well being of children while free play outdoors helps to build life skills like problem solving, decision making, risk taking and interpersonal relationships.

22nd June 2019 

G7 - Day 6

Clear skies yet again on campus, the rain have brought the temperature down slightly. All groups started with chhota Hazari early this morning full of energy and excitement ready for what the day has in store for them. Lota party will be practicing a unique technique of crossing the river, this mentioned is called the Handrail method followed by a cliff jump into a flowing stream of water. Rinkiya’s Papa started their day with some fun team dynamic activities and then followed the Lota Party group to the river for their crossing and cliff jump. On the other side of the campus the ATA is taking on a challenge of their own the advanced stream walk, uphill walk through a gushing flow of water. Refrehing, Yeah !! Challenging, Hell Yeah !!

21 June 2019

G7 - Tirthan Day 5

Welcoming clouds on the horizon, it is expected to rain any time. What seemed to be a relaxed starry night ended up as an eventful rain and hail storm for Lata Party, the children were safe and cozy inside their tent and slept well. They managed to prepare a hot meal before Mother Nature joined their party. The kids returned to campus safely this morning, happy and charged ready for another adventure. Today they will learn the eddy system.

Rinkiya’s Papa & ATA group have the own adventures panned out for the day, they will take on refreshing stream walk and Cliff jump activities respectively. The anticipated rain shower this afternoon will keep the participants engaged in ecocards with the campus. This evening with plan to have fun around a bon fire inside the KPRD. 

20 June 2019

G7 - Tirthan Day 4

Clear skies at camp, the sun is shinning in all its glory, while the kids enjoy Tatto day on campus. Rinkiya's Papa & the ATA group returned from their night out in the wilderness tired and exhilarated to hot breakfast, the ATA group had heavy rain during the trek to the night out spot and managed to cook food in a village home . This afternoon ATA went for refreshing stream walk & rifle shooting, Rinkiya's Papa started their day with reflection and trust fall activity, post lunch they learned about the river eddy system. Lota Party is on their night out today, they started early from campus and have carried a packed lunch for the long trek .

19 June 2019

G7 - Tirthan Day 3
The kids woke to a bright and shiny day today after a cold and cosy night. Energies were high and chota hazari was spent playing games. After breakfast, Lota Party went to the waterfall and enjoyed the natural slide, Rinkya's Papa packed up their rucksacks and went for a full day trek with a packed lunch. They will reach their camping spot by evening, set up camp, cook their own dinner and sleep in the wilderness. ATA went to learn survival skills this morning and they too will pack their bags and spend the night in the wilderness. Kids are all doing fine and enjoying nature and fresh air.

18 June 2019

G7 - Tirthan Day 2
All the kids reached campus at 12.15pm yesterday. They were late due to a traffic jam along the way.  All the kids were excited to be at Tirthan, some were alumni and one has been to Youreka 5 times! It's a group of veterans that are looking forwarrd to enjoying every minute of the camp. There are 2 Black Star groups and 1 Red star group on camp. The 2 Blacks star groups named themselves Rinkyas Papa & Lota Party & the red star group named themselves ATA. Kids shared expectations and in the evening enjoyed Minute to Win it games. 

This morning, the skies were clouded over but spirits were high and bright. After chota hazari and breakfast, kids went out for their first activity. Rinkyas Papa & ATA made their way to the waterfall & enjoyed sliding down the natural slide there; Lota Party went off to do a stream walk where they learnt to walk upstream. Kids are all doing well.

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