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P6 - Program Updates

23 June 2019

P5 - Sitlakhet Day 7
Yesterday's YPL was a highly charged affair, followed by closure and learning takeaways. Talent Night was enjoyed by all. This morning, kids woke up early, did their final packing, cleaned up their tents and had breakfast. They left the campus at 9.35am for their homeward journey. We hope you will listen to all their stories and continue their regular exposure to nature and the wonderful outdoors. Research shows that Nature is essential for the physical, mental and emotional well being of children while free play outdoors helps to build life skills like problem solving, decision making, risk taking and interpersonal relationships.

22 June 2019

P5 - Sitlakhet Day 6

Brexy returned at 10.15 am for a much deserved rest, freshen up and a welcome breakfast of cutlets, toast, butter, cheese and eggs. Post this, they will clean up the bikes and run a proper maintenance till lunch. The Langra Aam returned at 7.30 am followed by rest, rejuvenation and breakfast. They are currently doing a reflection on the expedition, which will be captured in the Hero's Journey model, with each kid sharing how this journey has made them wiser and stronger. Post this the group plans to trust fall as a closing activity. Post lunch, the kids will participate in the YPL, followed by closure session, appreciation and badges. Finally the much awaited celebration at night! 

21 June 2019

P5 - Sitlakhet Day 5

Yesterday Brexy started their expedition at 10.15 am and rode the downhill stretch almost non stop except for a short lunch break on the way. The boys did pretty well and hit the camp site at 2 PM, followed by setting up of camp and an hour of rest. The small team of students and their leaders cooked dinner on the makeshift chullah and managed to turn out daal, chawal and sabzi. Sharing life stories around a small fire ended the day in a meaningful way. Today they planned to leave early at 6.30 am to avoid the sun as much possible. It is going to be a very challenging day with most of the stretch being uphill.

The Langra Aam also started the trek at 10.15 am yesterday and took slightly longer than expected. The group navigated well and reached the camping grounds at 4 PM. After setting up the camp, they cooked a meal of veg pulao and papad.  Then time to relax under a starry night, with most of the kids still sitting around the campfire till 10 PM. 

Brexy started early today with a sumptuous breakfast of Maggie, cornflakes, bread, butter, jam and coffee to wash these down. They are on their bikes and riding uphill. The Langra Aam also started their day early with breakfast of cheese sandwiches and coffee. They will navigate their way to the camping grounds near Vivekananda cave. The groups are high on excitement and taking up the challenges sparingly.

20 June 2019

P6 - Sitlakhet Day 4

Sunny morning as the weather cleared up. Both the groups are excited to venture out. All packing done and about to leave. Langra Aam will navigate and trek to Mauni Baba Ki Kutia and hope to reach there at 3 PM. Kids have allocated roles and well sorted. The Brexy are giving final touches to the preparation. The bikes are ready and tbe kids raring to go out. Today they will bike up to Kakrighat and hope to reach there at 2.30 PM. Both the groups are carrying packed lunch. Morning chota haazri was energizers, followed by Tom and Jerry.

19 June 2019

P6 - Sitlakhet Day 3
Yesterday, post lunch, the kids made eco cards and bottle bricks, learning about conservation. In the evening, they played Catch the Bottle which they all enjoyed. The TBP group finally named themselves Langra Aam! Weather has been cloudy and remained so today. No rains though. Chota haazri this morning saw the kids doing a relay race. Brexy the bikers went for their temple run today which exposed them to a variety of off trails and downhill ride. They plan to do the obstacle course to build further skills in dealing with tricky trails after lunch.
The Langra Aam learnt and practiced wilderness navigation and fire building and made hot coffee on firewood. Post lunch they will plan their expedition. Both the groups are excited and looking forward to their expeditions that start from tomorrow.

18 June 2019

P6 - Sitlakhet Day 2
Kids reached campus safely at 4.30pm. They were welcomed with tea and some hot snacks which the hungry kids welcomed. Campus briefing followed and then kids settled into their tents. Both groups went for a hike while the sun was still bright. UBC went to the temple while TBP went for a long hike. In the evening, they made human tables, an activity that seems to suggest the group has already bonded pretty well! The kids slept early last night and seemed a bit tired due to the travel.

Kids woke up energetic today. They started their day with energisers at chota hazari. UBC has named their duo Brexy and spent the morning revising their biking techniques. TBP is still nameless and went to learn basic survival skills in preparation for their expedition. Kids are all doing great!

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