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DJK - Program Updates

13 Nov 2018

DJK - Kangra Day 4
Children had a great night out yesterday. They were all involved in the entire process. They had divided the roles superbly and implementation was excellent. By the end of the night, they also had a horror stories session! Kids reached back to campus this morning at 10am. They were tired but happy. They took their baths & had breakfast relaxedly & then packed up their bags & cleaned out their tents. They have had their lunch & will soon start the Youreka Premiere League which will then be followed by closing ceremonies. They will have snacks, some dance & music & then an early dinner. They are expected to start their homeward journey by 7.30pm. We hope you will listen to all the stories they share & continue their regular exposure to nature & the outdoors. Nature ensures our physical, mental & emotional well-being while outdoor play teaches children life skills like problem solving, decision making, collaboration & interpersonal skills which are essential for success in the 21st Century!

12 Nov 2018

DJK - Kangra Day 3
Kids put up a great Talent show last night around the bonfire, with skits, singing, dancing, guitar, congo, casio & all the works! This morning, they woke up to a beautiful sunny day and got to packing their rucksacks & rations for their nightout. They left the campus by 9am after breakfast & carried a packed lunch with them. They will be navigating themselves to their camping spot and along the way, will be overcoming obstacles & challenges. Once they reach their camping spot by about 3pm, they will pitch their tents, set up the fire & cook their own dinner. They will be sleeping in the wilderness tonight & will return tomorrow morning back to camp. Kids are energetic & looked forward to today's challenge. All are doing fine.

11 Nov 2018

DJK - Kangra Day 2
Kids dispelled the cold last evening with a bonfire & dancing with their friends. They were tired by the end of dinner & were happy to tuck into their sleeping bags. This morning, they started their day with chota hazari where they energised with games & exercises. Post breakfast, they all challenged their fears at the high ropes elements. Soon, they will be going out to learn survival skills such as fire making, pitching tents & navigation. Kids are looking forward to the evening where they will showcase their talents at the Talent Night.  They are doing well & adjusting to their surroundings.

10 Nov 2018

DJK - Kangra Day 1
Kids reached camp safe & sound at 7.35am this morning. They are all doing fine and were refreshed by the cold climate and warm breakfast. After breakfast, they had their campus briefing which was followed by tent allocation. Kids got to know who their tent mates are going to be and then settled in. At 10am, they started their activities with expectation sharing, norm setting and learning Leave No Trace principles. They then attempted the Low ropes course. They will have their Lunch at about 1pm and after some rest & relaxation time, do other ropes course elements in the afternoon. In the evening, they will have snacks, followed by an hour of reflection and sharing and close the day with camp fun activities & dinner. Lights out will be early so that the kids can recover from their long journey.

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