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SBK - Program Updates

16 Mar 2019

SBK - Kangra Day 4
Kids had lots of fun yesterday with the treasure hunt and cooking. In the evening, they enjoyed putting up their talent show and followed it with music and dance. Kids woke up fresh this morning. They packed their bags and cleaned their tents. After breakfast, they did their closing ceremonies with sharing and appreciation. They will start on their homeward journey post lunch. We hope you will listen to all their stories and continue their regular exposure to nature and the outdoors. A growing body of research shows that both are essential for the physical, mental and emotional well being of children. Nature reduces stress and depression and increases energy and creativity in children while free play in the outdoors helps to build life skills such as decision making, problem solving, risk taking and collaboration.

15 Mar 2019

SBK - Kangra Day 3
Yesterday's day went well for the kids and ended with making funny creative ads in the evening. The Chinese food for dinner was also a hit with them. Kids woke to a bright and sunny day today. They started their day with chota hazari which energised them for the exciting activities planned. After breakfast, kids learnt navigation with compass and map and learnt the Leave No Trace principles. Post Lunch, both groups will be doing a treasure hunt using their navigation skills. They will then set up a fire and cook the 'treasure' they find and make tea. This will be their evening snack. They will return post that in time for reflection. Kids are doing fine.

14 Mar 2019

SBK - Kangra Day 2
The group reached yesterday safe and sound around 2:30 pm. Post lunch, kids were briefed about the camp and then settled down in their tents. The group was divided into 2 activity groups and they named themselves Popcorn and Gangsters. They did expectation sharing, norm setting and then played name games so that the instructors could get to know them. It drizzled yesterday for a while. Kids had their spirits high and enjoyed camp fun in the evening playing a game called Market Place. This morning started off with chota hazari and after breakfast, kids went in the respective activity groups for their morning activities. They did the low ropes course and also attempted climbing the Commando Net. After lunch, they will go for tyrolene traverse. All the kids are doing fine.

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