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14 Oct 2018

OHL - Kambre Day 6
Kids returned from their night out which went really well. They enjoyed their experiences & returned this morning to breakfast. After breakfast, they packed, cleaned their tent & then started an action packed morning with Youreka Premiere League. They have done their closing ceremonies with sharing & appreciation, had lunch & are now ready to say goodbye. Kids are all doing good & weather is pleasant.
We hope you will listen to their stories & continue their regular exposure to nature & the outdoors. Nature ensures our physical, mental & emotional well-being while outdoor play teaches children life skills like problem solving, decision making, collaboration & interpersonal skills which are essential for success in the 21st Century!

13 Oct 2018

OHL - Kambre Day 5
This morning, kids woke up excited about the plans for the day. They started the first half doing an activity called "Win as much" which became intense as students conflicted over values and winning. Post this, they planned and prepared for their nightout. They are packing their bags & will soon head out following a map to their campsite, set up camp, pitch their tents & start their kitchen fire and cook dinner. The group is very energetic! Weather is pleasant.

12 Oct 2018

OHL - Kambre Day 4
Yesterday, the day out proved to be fun for the kids. they enjoyed the activities & returned tired but happy to camp. This morning, they started with chota hazari and then had a short session listening to the adventures of a leader who has climbed Everest. Post that, kids went through a series of four very fun activities that challenged them in different ways. This session would prepare them for the real challenge that awaits them post lunch which is the Ropes bridge traverse. Kids are all doing well & enjoying the pleasant weather!

11 Oct 2018

OHL - Kambre Day 3
All the kids are fine and enjoying the bright and sunny weather. Kids woke up & packed up their bags for a day out this morning. After breakfast, they started their trek with a packed lunch and were very excited about the idea of spending a day out in wilderness! It's an action-packed day with bouldering, rock climbing, rappelling & cave exploration all in the plans! They are expected back in camp in time for evening snacks & after that will do their solo reflection & sharing. Camp fun activities will be planned once the kids are back according to their energy levels!

10 Oct 2018

OHL - Kambre Day 2
All the kids are fine and happy. Last night they relaxed & chatted with each other & went to bed early. Kids woke up fresh to a clear & sunny morning. They started their day with chota hazari & then had breakfast. Kids learnt how to navigate using compass & maps & then went on a hike where they navigated themselves to a destination. There, they learnt survival skill of fire making. They have had lunch & will soon be going for the ropes course challenge. In the evening, after solo time, they will play a game called human table which they are looking forward to. Kids are all doing fine & are enjoying nature & fresh air.

09 Oct 2018

OHL - Kambre Day 1
Kids reached safe & sound at 10.30am this morning. We hope you got our sms. They were tired from their early morning journey but felt very happy to be at campus.  They had their campus briefing & tent allocation where they found out who their tent mates are going to be for the next few days! Kids settled into their tents and got time to rest. They did ice breaker games, got to know each other and did expectation sharing. After lunch, they are going for a short hike & will be back for chai and snacks. In the evening, they will reflect on their day, post which, fun games are in store for them! Lights out will be early today so that the kids can recover from the overnight journey. Weather is warm & sunny and kids are well.

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