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TRL4 - Program Updates

27 Oct 2018

TRL4 - Kambre Day 5

The kids had splendid time at the talent show last night. They enjoyed the French songs, Guajarati songs, jokes, riddles, storytelling and skit. They woke up in the morning, cleaned their tents & had breakfast. After which they played a high energy Youreka Premiere League and then had their closing ceremonies with sharing and appreciation. After lunch, they will pack their bags started on their journey at 4:30 Pm.

26 Oct 2018

TRL4 - Kambre Day 4

All the kids are doing excellent. The "young trekker" group packed up their bags for a day out this morning. They were taught skills on how to pack a rucksack, how to pitch a tent and how to do basic cooking. The "young campers" enjoyed rock climbing, post lunch they would build raft and go for their most awaited activity swimming. The "mad deadpool" completed zip line during the first half of the day and absolutely loved the activity. Post-lunch they would attempt low ropes course. The group is very energetic! Weather is pleasant and perfect for the talent show which is already being planned for tonight.


25 Oct 2018

TRL4 - Kambre Day 3

Yesterday turned out to be an unforgettable day for all the kids, as they all gleefully enjoyed the water activity and their evening was full of excitement with camp fun game “balloon burst” and “garba night” in the occasion of full moon.This morning, kids woke up tremendously thrilled about the plans for the day. The group of "young trekkers" left for rock climbing which was in their checklist since yesterday. The group would endeavor zip lining post-lunch. The "mad deadpool" group is out in the wilderness for their day out where they will be taught skills on how to pack a rucksack, how to pitch a tent and how to do basic cooking. After lunch, they would learn to swim in the lake under the direction of proficient trainers and are looking forward to it.The "young campers" group started off with Zip line. Post-lunch they would enjoy low ropes course.Weather is warm and sunny and kids are in good health.


24 Oct 2018

TRL4 - Kambre Day 2

As the second day in the camp progressed to be a brighter and sunnier one, the kids were divided into three groups- each group got exciting names for themselves.They kickstarted the day with chhota hazari followed by "stretching", "energizer" and "where is my monkey". This fun-filled exciting session set the tone for rest of the day.The group of "young trekkers" left for raft building and lake crossing. The same group would attempt rock climbing post-lunch. The "young campers" group had their own share of fun where they were taught skills on how to pack a rucksack, how to pitch a tent and how to do basic cooking. After lunch, they would learn to swim in the lake under the supervision of expert trainers. The "mad deadpool" group started off with rock climbing. Post-lunch they would learn the tricks of raft building and lake crossing. After completion of their group-specific activities, all the three group would be back in the camp for evening snacks . While sitting by the fire, they would reflect on the day's activities and share their learnings and experiences. Based on their energy levels, some fun activities are planned for the kids in the evening time to mark the adventurous day's end.


23 Oct 2018

TRL4 - Kambre Day 1

Kids reached safe this morning and felt very happy to be at campus and enjoyed their breakfast. They had their campus briefing & tent allocation. Kids settled into their tents. They did ice breaker games and energizers in the morning. After lunch, they will do expectation sharing, norm setting, dos and don’ts. They are going for a short hike in the evening, they will reflect on their day, post which, fun games are in store for them! Lights out will be early today so that the kids can recover from the overnight journey. Weather is warm & sunny and kids are well.

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