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NIVL7 - Program Updates

29 Mar 2019

NIVL7 - Kambre Day 5
Last night's activities were enjoyed by all. Lots of talent was showcased. This morning, kids woke up energetic, ready to start the day with the Youreka Premiere League after breakfast. The teams pitted against each other and there was excitement all round. They showered, BB packed and cleaned their tent post YPL. After lunch, they will have their closing ceremonies and then say their goodbyes. We hope you will listen to all their stories and continue their regular exposure to nature and the wonderful outdoors. Research shows that Nature is essential for the physical, mental and emotional well being of children while free play outdoors helps to build life skills like problem solving, decision making, risk taking and interpersonal relationships.

28 Mar 2019

NIVL7 - Kambre Day 4
Yesterday, kids enjoyed their afternoon activities. 21 Pirates did raft building at the lake while YOLO went for top rope climbing. In the evening, kids were at their creative best in a game called Fall in Place. The Demo Dogs meanwhile enjoyed camping by the lake and returned this morning in high spirits. After breakfast, all the groups went out for their activity. 21 Pirates went for top rope climbing, YOLO did raft building and Demo Dogs went for low ropes course. Kids are all doing great and enjoying the cool winds.

27 Mar 2019

NIVL7 - Kambre Day 3
21 Pirates and Yolo enjoyed their night out yesterday. They liked the whole exercise of pitching their tents and cooking their own food with limited rations. The bonding between CBSE and IB kids strengthened and they have resolved to carry this on when they return to school! Both groups returned this morning, happy. After breakfast, 21 Pirates went for low ropes course and YOLO for a swim in the lake. They will soon leave for their afternoon activity. Demo Dogs enjoyed a creative round of Mad Ads last night. This morning, they were looking forward to their turn at the nightout having heard the stories from the other groups. After breakfast, they went to learn survival skills and will soon leave with their backpacks. It's sunny and kids are enjoying nature.

26 Mar 2019

NIVL7 - Kambre Day 2
Kids reached campus yesterday at about 9.30am. They were welcomed by their instructors and started off with breakfast. After breakfast, kids were briefed on the campus and do's and don'ts. They then settled into their tents. Post lunch the groups went on an acclimatisation walk. They spoke about hydration & discussed LNT (Leave No Trace) through skits which they enjoyed & did very well. In the evening, camp fun was a fun & noisy Market Place. 
Kids woke up this morning, fresh from a good sleep and started their day with chota hazari. Kids are divided into 3 activity groups and they have named themselves 21 Pirates, YOLO (You Only Live Once) and Demo Dogs. After breakfast, 21 Pirates and YOLO learnt survival skills like navigation, tent pitching, backpacking and fire making with a flint. Post lunch both groups will go on their night out where they will apply these skills, cook their own dinner & sleep by the lake. Demo Dogs went for top rope climbing and post lunch they will do Raft Building. It's sunny and hot and all the kids are doing fine.

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