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UWCS Program Update

22 April 2019

UWCS – Jayalgarh Day 6
A bunch of enthusiastic kids with whom the leaders are enjoying thoroughly! Yesterday, the group got a bumper load of fish - 1 caught during bridge slithering, 2 big fish presented by the villagers & 2 small fish caught near the campsite! In the evening, kids played dumb charades around the bonfire. This morning, the group started off early after breakfast. They drove to Marine Drive and from there started on their final run on the river which will take them to Rishikesh. They will have lunch, do their closing ceremonies and perhaps try to catch the evening Aarti before starting on their homeward journey. Kids are all doing fine. We hope you will listen to all their stories and continue their regular exposure to nature and the wonderful outdoors. Research shows that Nature is essential for the physical, mental and emotional well being of children while free play outdoors helps to build life skills like problem solving, decision making, risk taking and interpersonal relationships.

21 April 2019

UWCS – Jayalgarh Day 5
Yesterday, kids had loads of fun in the water. They did a very high cliff jump of about 30 feet, did body surfing, water fights and rode the waves along the raft! They reached Beasghat and set up camp after which it was fun time & then silent hour. This morning, the day started with Paddle game and volley ball. After breakfast, kids went for bridge slithering and stream walk in the bright sunny weather. Post lunch, they will Trek and do a village visit. Kids are all doing great!

20 April 2019

UWCS – Jayalgarh Day 4
Kids were super super excited playing with sand yesterday. They shared in evening reflection that they never thought they could still play like a 3 year old with sand; few also shared that they never thought they would love cold water so much, or overcome fear of height by doing cliff jump, even enjoying rafting so much with each others' support. After dinner, kids enjoyed the full moon night at the banks of the river.

This morning, kids started their river run at 9am after breakfast. They will be doing a 30km stretch, crossing Deoprayag and camping at Beasghat for the night. They will do another round of cliff jump. Kids are fine and the weather is bright and sunny.

19 April 2019

UWCS – Jayalgarh Day 3

The children finished the day very excited and full of energy. They enjoyed their run on the river with misty views and greenery all around, very calming for all of them (as they shared). They are out for the run from Srinagar to Jayalgarh and will learn to negotiate rapids and engage in a rescue drill of raft flip. Post lunch at the camp they continue their run on the river on their first leg of the expedition and will be setting up camp for the night on the banks of the river at Baaghban.

Weather has cleared up and is very pleasant. A bit cold in the night. A perfect setting for outdoor adventure !

Team Youreka

18 April 2019

UWCS – Jayalgarh Day 2

Children enjoyed learning about the river and tried out paddling in the river. The day finished with a high energy camp fun where they played Market Place.

The group has named themselves Bhikhari Avengers:) and are all excited to take up the challenges. They are out on their first acclimatisation run on the river to prepare for their expedition which starts tomorrow. They will be rafting down the Alakhnanda and then post lunch will get more time in the river to get comfortable body surfing/floating and also use the ducky. They will also plan for their expedition.

All children are fine and doing well. The weather is very pleasant with light drizzle off and on.

Team Youreka

17 April 2019

UWCS – Jayalgarh Day 1

The children reached the camp at 10 am after a comfortable travel. All have settled well in their tents after a briefing session on the stay and plan for the program. The children will get an introduction to the river and the rafting equipment. Post lunch will be spent in the water understanding hydrology and also engage in some body surfing.

All are excited and looking forward to the action packed days ahead.

The weather is pleasant and all children are doing well.

Team Youreka



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