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The Jungle Outback campus at Yercaud is nestled in an Orchadale Estate at a height of 5100ft. It has the unique distinction of being the highest permanent nature camp in South India. It is nestled within the picturesque and uninterrupted coffee plantations and orchards of orange trees. The campsite allows for exciting adventure activities amidst the tranquility and boundless energy of nature. The camp is located about 1.5 hrs from Salem town in the Yercaud Hills, in Tamil Nadu.


The Honey Valley campus is perched at 4,250ft atop a mountain and is a base camp for the tallest mountain, Mt.Tadianadamol in Coorg. The campus is surrounded by magnificent rainforests and a lush green coffee estate where black pepper and cardamom are also grown. The larger living space of the campus is shared with over 50 different types of birds & butterflies.
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Another brand new campus we have completed in 2018! The Kangra Forest Valley campus is located in the transition zone from the Plains to the high Himalayas, at an altitude of 2000ft. It is also located at the site of the Ultimate Survival Camp! The valley's natural beauty is reknowned with streams, temperate forests and views of the Dhauladhar Peaks. The campus is surrounded by tea estates & boasts of pomegranate plantation & curry pata within. The campus is located 1.5hrs from Dharamshala & 3.5hrs from Chandigarh by road.
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Sitlakhet is a hilltop campsite at a height of 7000ft and offers a commanding view of the Nanda Devi among other Himalayan peaks in a full 180deg view. The unique location allows for exciting trekking trails, rock faces and mountain biking tracks. It often acquires a dreamy “floating in the clouds” view. 30km ahead of Ranikhet, it reveals itself as a jewel nestled amongst the Kumaon Himalayan peaks, completely untouched by commercial activity. The camp is also close to Bhimtal and Nainital.


The Green River Valley campus at Tirthan is a riverside camp located in the Great Himalayan National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Tirthan Valley at Sai Ropa. The pristine waters of the Tirthan River and the surrounding gentle slopes give it a character of a picture perfect campsite. It provides proximity to over 400 species of flora and fauna in the neighbouring Great Himalayan National Park. The camp is also close to Manali.

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Wake up to the beautiful sounds of bird at Camp Chakrata. At 6000ft, it overlooks the Doon Valley and is surrounded by beautiful meadows. Be inspired by the region that has inspired the many stories of Ruskin Bond. The camp is close to Tiger Falls and Haridwar and is a 3hr drive from Saharanpur.

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This riverside camp stands on the banks of the River Alaknanda at Jayalgarh. Far from the bustle of popular touristy destinations but is still the perfect setting for soaking in the atmosphere of Rishikesh.

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Located at just 20 kms from Rishikesh, Camp Serene Village is a paradise for nature lovers. It is located in the jungle and just 250m from the tributary Heyule. Countryside views, long village walks, and hidden waterfalls are just a few highlights of this place.
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A Brand new campus in Madhya Pradesh! Located at an altitude of a little over 3000 ft, amidst rolling meadows & maize farms, the camp is spread over 18 Acres of a cliff and has a spectacular view of the Patalkot Valley. Till some years ago, the valley was completely hidden and isolated from the mainstream in terms of accessibility and visibility. The local tribes and villages reminds one of the primitive/agrarian livelihoods. Experience the peaceful serenity of nature which the untouched valley offers. The campus is located 3.5hrs from Nagpur & 4.5hrs from Bhopal by road. It is in the Satpura Forest range and close to popular hill station, Pachmarhi.


Located in the upper reaches of Kangra Valley at an altitude of 5000ft. Situated against a dramatic backdrop of the Dhauladhar range, it offers a panoramic view which includes Dharamshala on a clear day. It is in close proximity to the famous temple of Indru Nag, the monasteries of McleodGanj and treks of Triund.

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Located at an altitude of 5100 ft, Green Getaway Junga is nestled in the dense pine forests revealing itself only to the fortunate few! The wondrous proximity to nature ensures memories that will refresh for a lifetime. The Ashwini river and multiple waterfalls around the camp add to the experience. The camp is in close proximity to Shimla and Chail


Kambre is located in the village of Kambre, off the Mumbai-Pune Highway and offers a unique wilderness experience within reach for both the metropolises. The campus is situated on the banks of Andhra Lake and offers an expansive view of the lake and waterfalls from the rocky ridge. The backdrop of dense forest offers it an additional element of intrigue. The camp is close to Lonavala, Mumbai and Pune. 

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