Post Registration

Hi Camper!

Once you have registered, there are a few things you would be concerned about & few that we are concerned about. So here's some information that will help you & us create a success experience that's fun for all!

  1. First things first - What to carry & How to get there. Download the relevant Kitlist for your camp/program below  & go through it in detail, including the travel logistics and Do's/Don'ts.
  2. Ensure you have received your Boarding Pass & keep it handy on your phone during check in.  If you have not received it, drop us a mail at or call us at 1800-103-3301.
  3. Ensure you bring your current school ID card during departure. Boarding will not be allowed without it.
  4. Be mentally prepared that this trip will take you out of your comfort zone. You will be away from family (in many cases for the first time), you will not have amenities that you are used to. Our camps are comfortable, safe & hygienic but not luxurious. We serve hot, nutritious food; We have Western loos which is shared; We stay in tents & sleep in sleeping bags. We have lots of FUN & depend on each other to help.

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