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Outdoor Survival

Imagine yourself surviving Mother Nature on bare essentials - building fire, camping out in the wilderness, trail marking, reading maps & finding directions with a compass! Survive this and anything will be possible!
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Mountain Biking

Only for those who dare! Here’s an opportunity to challenge your City skills. Understand your two wheel machine, learn to ride off trail, negotiate bends, ride uphill & downhill & do some cool tricks!

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White Water Rafting

Experience the Yamuna in its full glory. Learn how to paddle & manoeuvre a raft, negotiate rapids, jump & cross the river safely & ultimately raft down the crystal green river.

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Terrain Backpacking

Build your expedition skills, the ability to manage self and others in varied situations and wilderness terrain. Organize and effectively execute a long trek, learn specific skills of mountaineering and three men climbing. The exhilarating experience of climbing and reaching a summit is a take that you will speak about for years to come.
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Rocks & Ropes

A Challenge that will get Fear out of your dictionary! Learn different styles of assessing and defending rock faces & trees. Build your own ropes bridge across a valley. Pick up some really neat climbing skills like bouldering, jummaring, top rope climbing and rappelling!

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Riverside Backpacking

Your water park experience will seem like a splash in the swimming pool. Slide down a natural waterfall, walk through a gushing stream, walk on river rocks, slither down a bridge and walk across the River! You will be a master of the waters!

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A dynamic activity of both mental and physical challenges. This activity pick up some of the most challenging elements from Oudoor Survival and  Rock Climbing. Definitely not for the fainthearted, choose it if you are up for a challenge.
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Startup Program

For the first time campers, here’s your chance to get up and close with Nature and do stuff you have never done before! An introduction to camping, the outdoors and an Independent living. Explore rocks and trails, cook your own meal, sleep under the stars and make lifelong friends! The fun never ends!

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2 Endurance activities rolled into 7 days of non-stop action - Push your limits and pump up the adrenalin with a special combo of Rock Climbing + Outdoor Survival or Riverside Backpacking + Outdoor Survival


Youreka Challenge

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Youreka Challenge Snow

A unique and highly challenging expedition which takes participants high up the Himalayas up to the snow line of the Dhauladhar range. Experience changing landscapes and climates, explore caves and learn to navigate in snow and ice. This program tests your endurance, adaptability and ability to work together. Click here for more details

Youreka Challenge Water

An expedition on water that takes you through Alaknanda, Ganga and down to Rishikesh. Raft through rapids and test your endurance on long runs of the river. A feat that can only be accomplished when each does his part! Click here for more details

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Youreka Challenge Himalayan Circuit

An expedition on land. 3 campuses across Himachal in 10 days - from Delhi to Dharamshala to Tirthan Valley & finally to Junga & back to Delhi! Click here for more details

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Youreka Overseas

Youreka Overseas is a specially designed program for children, which brings together adventure and culture in an exciting setting. This is Youreka's step towards providing international opportunities to children with the same care and fun which has been the pride of Youreka for the past 15 years. The program is open for all children between the age of 12 to 17 years.

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YO Singapore

Singapore, a fine mix of adventure and fun in this clean, green and efficient city which in itself is an eye-opener! Stay at our Sembawang Campus and enjoy Kayaking and ropes courses. Visit Sentosa's many attractions, explore the city on public transport with a GPS-enabled treasure hunt and experience the thrills of Universal Studios and a Water Park!

YO Europe

An 8 day experience of European culture and development by humankind. Euro Space at Brussels, CERN - The European Center for Nuclear Research, UN Office in Geneva, Disney Land at Paris will be the backdrop of the experience.

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