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In taking them out of their protective home environment, kids learn to fend for themselves and become responsible and independent.
In experiencing success and enjoying when trying new activities, kids build an openness and willingness to experiment and take risks.

Youreka Camps New Delhi Multi Activity Youreka Nature Campouts Adventure Camps in India
Youreka Camps New Delhi Multi-Activity Youreka Nature Camps Summer Camps for Children Adventure Camps in India

In realising that they can only complete tasks by working together, kids learn empathy and collaboration.
In figuring out where the next step should be placed so they don't fall on a trek or while climbing a rock, kids learn judgement and decision making.

In living with basics and scarce resources, kids learn the difference between their needs and their wants.
In living with friends in a social melting pot, kids learn to trust and accept people for who they are.

Youreka New Delhi Activities Youreka Camps Adventure Camps for Kids Summer Camps in India 5

Why Nature?

Youreka New Delhi Why Nature Youreka Camps Adventure Camps for kids Summer Camps in India

The need for Nature is in our DNA because we have evolved from the woods. A growing body of scientific studies is linking time spent in Nature to physical, mental and emotional well-being. Vitamin "N" from nature boosts our immunity, attention and creativity while reducing stress and depression! 
Read "Last Child In the Woods" by Richard Louv on the importance of nature & nature deficit disorder.

A movement to "Leave No Child Inside" has started and is spreading across the world. Click here to read more about it. Let's get our children outdoors into natural settings regularly and gift them life! 

The Youreka Way

A powerful, invigorating and enduring learning experience seldom takes place without getting out of one's comfort zone. We have designed a safe environment in natural settings where we engage participants deeply in adventure activities. Challenge is always by choice and is designed specific to age groups. Experimentation is encouraged and there are no failures, only mistakes to learn from. 

A Day At The Summer Camp

A Day at the Camp is divided into 4 Zones - Endurance, Endeavour, Exploration and Excitement:

  • The Endurance Zone offers outdoor challenge which helps children stretch their limits. Children need to choose one activity in the Endurance Zone.
  • The Endeavor Zone offers opportunities to explore stimulating tasks like archery, rifle shooting, problem-solving games, campus media and crafts such as bandana and bracelet making.
  • The Exploration Zone is a time to reflect and absorb the numerous Youreka moments of the day.
  • The Excitement Zone is the culmination of every day fun by sharing the joys with all others at camp. It is simply about having Fun and making lots of friends.

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