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Youreka New Delhi SDP Review 2 Adventure Camps in India
Youreka New Delhi SDP Review 1 Adventure Camps in India

Wonderful Experience with Youreka..... 
Everything was properly planned.... Nice Hospitality, neat and clean place to stay.. Tasty Food and amazing Mentors..

Looking forward for many more experience

Anup Gupta


I have sent my daughter almost every year to a Youreka camp since she was age 9. So this was her 6th camp. She has gone to different locations and I have always been very happy about the arrangements and activities we chose. In this day and age of gadgets and distractions, Youreka is like a breath of fresh air. So many life skills and survival skills are taught. I personally have Youreka to thank for how she has shaped up as a person. Learnt to be independent and open to adventures. Three cheers!

Vandana Sinha
Summer Program 2016

Youreka Nature Campouts - Adventure Camps for Children in Uttarakhand Maharashtra Tamil Nadu Himachal Pradesh

Thanks for making the prog. enjoyable as well as thrilling for the children. Karan (G-8)had a memorable time and he has come with an enriching experience. 

Suman Setia Sarin

My son Sanaullah had great time at Yeracaud camp! Wonderful teachers and best group activities! He loved every bit of it! Learnt to wash his plate! Help fellow camp mates! Best of all he was away from all his gadgets yet had awesome time ! Enjoyed mountain biking! Made really good friends! L K sir, Kuber sir and Sushi ma'am! Thank you for inspiring my child! He could understand his abilities and he has come back confident young man! And he can't wait to join Youreka's next camp!

Anisa Khatib
Summer Program 2016

Thank you soo much team youreka for a wonderful experience that you have given to the kids.... My son Mitansh (P2) is all gaga about all the instructor "sirs n mam".... Thank u so much... He had a time of his life.. (Though he confessed being scared during one of the activities bt said tht he wants to collect the badge of determination next time!) He told me tht he cried in his tent too one day coz he ws missing us... Bt I feel this experience has made him stronger n more independent..... He says he wants to go again and soon...!!! Looking forward for the next adventures!!!

Rachna Sohandani Dargan

My son Dhananjay Venkatesh who came back from his first youreka program in yercaud ,thoroughly enjoyed the camp activites and had wonderful unforgetable experiences.thankyou youreka for safe and adventurous camping.

Sumitha Venkatesh

These updates are soo cool ! we didn't have facebook back in our time. Miss the trips to sitlakhet and tirthan !! i still talk about them to friends about how much we enjoyed. the stargazing, the silent hour, the foreign trainers we had with us in sitla who taught us to walk on stilts, face painting, puppetry, all that. and the awesome juices we had. and the haunted house. and the grave deep down in the forest. oh wow! i can write an article. i have so much to share and talk about !!! but really. you guys are missed by your alumni. 

Bharat Singhal

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