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YHC Program Update

Date: 08 June 2017

YHC – Junga Day 9
All kids are doing well. The rains continued to play hide & seek yesterday afternoon but kids did their High ropes course. They enjoyed their Talent & Music night. This morning, they had fun playing the Youreka Premiere League and then did their closing ceremonies with sharing & appreciation. They will leave campus post lunch for the ride back. We hope you will listen to the stories they return with and continue their regular exposure to Nature which is essential for their physical, mental & emotional well being.

Date: 07 June 2017

YHC – Junga Day 8

Kids reached Junga campus safe & sound yesterday at 7.30pm. They have been relaxing and enjoying the scenic beauty of Junga in Rainfall after the long ride yesterday and the activities of the last 2 campuses! They had breakfast this morning and played indoor games. Post Lunch, they will take on the high ropes course challenge, weather permitting. Kids are all doing great!

Date: 06 June 2017

YHC – Tirthan Day 7
Weather is cloudy at Tirthan. Kids enjoyed musical night yesterday. Post breakfast today, they started their journey towards camp Junga. All kids are doing well and had a great time at camp Tirthan. 

Date: 05 June 2017

YHC- Tirthan Day 6
Weather is pleasant at Tirthan. Kids are high on energy and enjoying their stay at the campus.  Kids went for river crossing this morning. Post lunch they will do Cliff Jumping.  As it is their last day at camp Tirthan kids will enjoy the music night this evening. Kids are doing great and are excited about another adventure at camp Junga of their Youreka Himalayan Circuit experience. 

Date: 04 June 2017

YHC - Tirthan Day 5
Weather is pleasant at the campus. Kids reached Tirthan last evening. They are very excited and high on energy. Kids went out for stream walk this morning. They will learn about hydrology and various other stream walk techniques.  Post lunch kids will navigate themselves to a nearby waterfall and enjoy waterfall slide. All kids are doing great and are looking forward to an exciting camping experience at Tirthan.

Date: 03 June 2017

YHC – Dharamshala Day 4
Kids left this morning for Tirthan campus. All kids are doing well. They had a wonderful two-night trek and are looking forward to the refreshing streams of Tirthan. 

Date: 02 June 2017

YHC - Dharamshala Day 3
Weather is pleasant at Dharamshala. Bira started their journey from Mana to Khaniyara for their 2nd night out this morning. Post lunch after reaching Khaniyara kids will enjoy stream time. All kids are doing great and enjoying their camping experience. 

Date: 01 June 2017

YHC - Dharamshala Day 2
It is a clear & sunny day at Dharamshala. Kids reached safe yesterday. The YHC kids had a great time last night singing songs & playing the guitar during campfun along with the S3 kids. They have named themselves Bira. They packed for their 2-day night out this morning and left campus with their packed lunch. Today, kids will trek till Mana and rest for the day. They will pitch their tents, cook food and enjoy sleep in the wilderness. All kids are doing great and excited about an adventurous camping experience.

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