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ACJ10 - Program Updates

Date: 6th Dec 2017

ACJ10 Youreka Day 4

Kids had an awesome talent night yesterday. This morning they woke to a sunny morning and after breakfast enjoyed the Youreka Premiere League. They will then do their closing ceremonies and bid goodbye to the campus. We hope you will listen to their stories and continue their regular exposure to nature and outdoors which are essential for physical, mental and emotional well being.

Date: 5th Dec 2017

ACJ10 - Yercaud Day 3

Kids had a great nightout experience yesterday. Food was wiped out in no time and many enjoyed sleeping out in the open. The weather this morning is sunny but cool. It gets cloudy in the afternoon. Yesterday we had slight drizzles.
All the groups returned this morning to a warm breakfast and left for their morning activities. They will be doing rappelling, Tyrolene Traverse and low ropes course in turns. Tonight is the last night on campus and they will close it with Talent and DJ night. All kids are doing fine.

Date: 4th Dec 2017

ACJ10 - Yercaud Day 2

It’s a sunny day at campus with blue skies and beautiful white clouds that floated onto the campus this morning. Kids started the day with Chota Hazari and are high on energy. They are in four activity groups and have named themselves Buchchi Gang, Juxtapose, Supreme and Show Bob. All four groups are learning survival skills like navigation, shelter making fire making and will leave for their nightout after lunch. They will trek to their camping spot, cook their own dinner and sleep in the wilderness. A challenge awaits them there. They will all return to camp for breakfast tomorrow morning. Kids are all doing fine.

Team Youreka


RHJ7 - Program Updates

Date: 21 Nov 2017

RHJ7 – Yecaud Day 6
Weather is pleasant at the campus. Kids enjoyed talent night yesterday.  Today, both the groups participated in Youreka Premier League (YPL) followed by formal closure ceremonies.  Kids will bid adieu to the campus at 4:00PM and leave on their homeward journey. We hope you will listen to their stories and regularly get them into nature. A growing body of research is showing that time in nature is essential for our physical, emotional & mental well being.

Date: 20 Nov 2017

RHJ7 – Yercaud Day 5
It is a pleasant day at Yercaud. Kids are back on campus after a great night out experience. Today, post breakfast both the groups went for wilderness first aid and stream walk. Post lunch they will play team building games. Evening will be more fun as kids will showcase their talent in the talent night.  Kids are doing fine and enjoying the camp. 

Date: 19 Nov 2017

RHJ7 - Yercaud Day 4
Weather is pleasant at the campus.  Kids enjoyed AD making last night during campfun. Today, Both the groups went to learn navigation in the morning session. Post lunch they will leave for their night out. Kids will navigate themselves to a spot, pitch their tents, cook food for themselves and sleep in the wilderness. Kids are doing good and are excited about the night out experience.

Date: 18 Nov 2017

RHJ7 – Yercaud  Day 3
Weather is pleasant at the campus. Kids enjoyed Ping Pong in campfun last evening. This morning both the groups went for zipline and tent pitching. Post lunch they will do low ropes courses and tree climbing.  Kids are doing well and enjoying camp activities.

Date: 17 Nov 2017

RHJ7 – Yercaud Day 2
Weather is cloudy at the campus. Kids had a lot of fun last evening playing human machine. Now, they have been divided into 2 group and named themselves "Kim John Un" and "Bratz". 
Group Kim John Un, went for rappelling in the morning session. Post-lunch they will do rock climbing. Bratz went for rock climbing this morning and post-lunch they will take on rappelling challenge.  Kids are doing great and excited about their camping experience.

Date: 16 Nov 2017

RHJ7 – Yercaud Day 1
Weather is pleasant. Kids reached safe and sound at 11:50am. Hope all of you got our SMS. Kids have had their lunch, now they are out for ice breakers, expectations sharing, norm settings and name games.  There will be campfun activities in the evening and lights off will be early so that kids can rest and recover for action-packed days ahead.

Team Youreka

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