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OMY9 - Program Updates

23 February 2018

OMY9 - Yercaud Day 6
The kids are high on energy and instructors & staff on campus are all having fun with this enthusiastic bunch! Last night they enjoyed 'Ghuspethy' game during camp fun and this morning started with Dodge Ball which all enjoyed. After breakfast this morning, kids left for their final adventure activity. Post Lunch, they will all do their closing ceremonies with sharing and appreciation and then prepare for their Talent Night. It's going to be a show by the kids for the kids tonight after soup time. It's another day of sun and blue skies and kids are doing fine.

22 February 2018

OMY9 - Yercaud Day 4 & 5
Dear parents, firstly, we deeply apologise that the update was not published yesterday due to some system error. Here is the 2 day update:
The 2 groups who had gone for the nightout day before returned yesterday morning and were full of stories of their navigation, cooking & the happenings around the bonfire. After breakfast and freshening up, they left for streamwalking & low ropes course for one group & Tyrolean Traverse & Friendship Ladder for the other groups. The 3 groups that had stayed behind had enjoyed camp fun games in the evening & started their morning with Chota Hazari where they powered up for the day. After breakfast, they had gone to learn camping skills & post lunch, set out for their turn at the nightout! The 2 groups on camp enjoyed Mad Ads game in the evening.

The 3 groups returned from their nightout this morning full of excitement for the experiences of the night before. Post breakfast, all 5 groups left for their respective morning activities. They have returned and are having lunch. They will leave for their afternoon activity around 2.30/3pm. The groups will all be together today on camp for evening fun activity after their silent hour at 5pm. 

Kids are all doing fine  Weather has been pleasant & sunny for the past 2 days.

20 February 2018

OMY9 - Yercaud Day 3
It's a pleasant & sunny day at campus today and the kids woke up energetic. Last evening, they all enjoyed playing "Know Your New Friends" activity during Camp fun. The kids have been divided into 5 groups and have named themselves Gabru, Holy Ganges, Legen..dary, SKKRRAA, Masala Dosa! The groups over the course of the stay will experience rappelling, rock climbing, streamwalk, tyrolene traverse, friendship ladder and low ropes course in turns. 2 groups - Gabru & Holy Ganges - today have learnt camping skills like navigation and tent pitching in preparation for their nightout. They will be packing their backpacks & setting out for a trek to a camping spot where they will use the skills learnt. They will also build a fire, cook their own dinner & sleep in the wilderness.  All the kids are fine.

19 February 2018

OMY9 - Yercaud Day 2
Kids reached campus in two batches yesterday - 1st group at 6.50pm & 2nd group at 8pm. We hope all of you had got our smses. Kids had their dinner & campus briefing and without much ado, went to sleep by 9.45pm so that they could rest & recover for the days ahead. They woke up this morning very energetic and ready to start the day. After chota hazari and breakfast, they all split into their respective activity groups and went for a short hike followed by expectations sharing. They have now had lunch and will soon leave for their afternoon activity. All kids are fine and weather is pleasant & sunny.

Team Youreka

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