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SCVP - Program Updates

Date: 26 Nov 2017

SCVP – Sitlakhet Day 3
Weather is pleasant at the campus. Group is back on campus after an amazing night out. Today, post-breakfast group went for rappelling. Post-lunch they will take on friendship challenge followed by formal closure ceremonies.  All is good at the campus and group is enjoying their camping experience. 

Date: 25 Nov 2017

SCVP – Sitlakhet Day 2
Weather is pleasant at the campus. Group reached campus safe and sound yesterday. Hope all of you got our SMS. Yesterday, post lunch groups had their expectation sharing and norm-setting session followed by a trek to a nearby temple.  Today, they woke up fresh and energetic. Post breakfast group went for rock climbing. Post lunch group will leave for their night out.  They will trek to a spot, pitch their tents, cook food for themselves and sleep in the wilderness.  Everyone is doing well at the campus.   

DGP7 - Program Updates

Date: 03 Nov 2017

DGP7 – Sitlakhet Day 3

Weather is pleasant at the campus. An exciting day finished with camp fun and dinner around the bonfire yesterday. Children were full of excitement even at the end of the day.
Destroyers are out on their Swach Bharat mission and the cook out. They are determined to beat the amount of litter Humara Padmavati collected.  Humara Padmavati changed their name to Savages. The group is out for rock climbing and rappelling today. Aya Nahi is out for rock climbing and friendship ladder and Shaun the Sheep are on a day out working at the farm and learning to cook in the wilderness. Clout Gang is also on a day out along with other groups reclaiming the rainwater catchment pit for the villagers and will be cooking food for themselves. Evening will be closing, reflection and appreciation ceremony followed by dance and music. Children are doing well and bravely taking the small ailments in their stride. A lot of them want to extend their stay at the camp.

Date: 02 Nov 2017

DGP7 – Sitlakhet Day 2
Group reached at 5.30 pm last evening and were welcomed by the greens and peace of a cold Sitlakhet campus. They had pakoras & warm milk/tea, and then settled into their tents. They finished the day with camp fun and dinner with the bonfire.
The children are working in 5 groups & named themselves this morning - grade 7 named their groups Destroyers & Humara Padmavati; grade 8 is Shaun the Sheep & Aaya Nahi; grade 9 is Clout Gang. All the groups went out for their activities this morning and have returned for lunch.
Clout Gang went for rappelling and will climb the friendship ladder post lunch; Shaun the Sheep climbed the Friendship Ladder in the morning and will head for rock climbing post lunch; Aaya Nahi & Humara Padmavati both left for a day out. They went for a visit to the temple, cooked their own lunch after setting up the fire and will now do their respective service projects after lunch. Aaya Nahi will work in the village fields while Humara Padmavati will engage in Swacch Bharat by cleaning the temple trail;  Destroyers went for rock climbing this morning and will do rappelling post lunch. The weather is excellent with bright sun and clear skies. All the children are happy and excited.

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