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SIP10 - Program Updates

Date: 1 October 2017

SIP10 - Sitlakhet Day 4
It is a pleasant day at Sitlakhet. Yesterday, Jahil and Niopayega finished their day with a great campfun and some dance performances. Dhakads returned from their night out with exciting memories. Today,  all three groups went to participate in Youreka Premier League (YPL) this morning, which will be followed by the formal closing ceremony.  Post lunch at 2:00PM group Jahil and Niopayega will bid goodbye to the campus and depart on their homeward journey. Dhakads will leave at 4.30PM from the campus. Everyone has had a great time and want to extend their stay. Hope you will listen to all their stories and continue regular exposure to nature.

Date: 30 September 2017

SIP10 - Sitlakhet Day 3
Weather is pleasant at the camp.  It was party time for SIP10 yesterday, as Krish's birthday was celebrated on the camp and Krutika's birthday in the jungle during the night out. Kids were super excited. Youreka wishes both of them a  very happy birthday. Jahil and Niopayega came back from their night out after an awesome experience and are engaged in rock climbing and friendship ladder for today. Dhakads are learning skills for the night out and will head out after lunch.  Group will trek to a spot, pitch their tents, cook food for themselves and enjoy sleeping in the wilderness.  All well at the camp and everyone enjoyed the first view of the Himalayan peaks this morning.

Date: 29 September 2017

SIP10 – Sitlakhet Day 2

Weather is very pleasant and comfortable with some clouds creeping in but no likelihood of any rains so far. Kids enjoyed the campfun yesterday, with this last activity a day full of excitement came to an end with a sound sleep.  This morning, kids woke up to a pleasant morning and are charged up for the action-packed day ahead. Jahil and Niopayega are out learning navigation and compass reading along with tent pitching in preparation for their night. Post lunch both the groups will leave for their night out- kids will trek to a spot, pitch their tents, cook food for themselves and sleep in the wilderness.  The group that reached yesterday afternoon is now called Dhakad and they are out for rock climbing and bouldering. Post lunch they will be at the ropes course scaling the friendship ladder. All are doing well and enjoying the natural surroundings.

Date: 28 September 2017

SIP10 – Sitlakhet Day 1

Weather is sunny at the campus. All kids reached safe and sound; hope all of you got our SMS.  Morning group kids have been divided into two groups “Jahil”  and “Niopayega”. After campus orientation, name games and expectation sharing kids went out for a familiarisation hike.  The afternoon group reached around 2:35 PM. They had lunch and settled into their tents. They will also leave for familiarization hike after a short rest.  There will be campfun activities in the evening and lights off will be early so that Kids can rest and recover for action-packed days ahead.

Team Youreka

P5 Program Updates

Date: 20 June 2017

P5 – Sithlakhet Day 7
Weather is pleasant at the campus. Kids bid goodbye to the campus and leaders this morning and left on their homeward journey at 9:25 am.  We at Youreka hope you will listen to all their stories and expose them to nature regularly as it does not only make them feel better emotionally, it contributes to the physical and mental wellbeing as well.

Date: 19 June 2017

P5 - Sithlakhet Day 6
It is a bright sunny day at the campus. For Black commandos and  Brooklyn 99 heavy showers played spoiler to their post-lunch activities which were called off yesterday.  Today, it is Hindi Diwas on the campus and kids are trying hard to speak in Hindi.
Black commandos went for Rappelling and Mountain Rockies went for the treasure hunt this morning. Brooklyn 99 went for a day out challenge. Post lunch all groups will have a cricket match in Youreka Premier League followed by the closure.  Kids will showcase their talents in the talent night this evening and then enjoy the musical night. Kids are doing great and are excited.

Date: 18 June 2017

P5 - Sithlakhet Day 5
It rained a little yesterday late afternoon but nothing to hamper the activities. Weather is a bit cloudy but very pleasant. Black commandos and Mountain Rockies came back from their night out super excited and full of energy. Black commandos will learn bouldering followed by Rock climbing in the afternoon. Mountain Rockies went for Rappelling in the first half. Post lunch they try their hand at rifle shooting and Archery. Brooklyn 99 had an awesome experience during their night walk last night. They went to learn techniques of tarp pitching and signaling for search and rescue this morning.  Post lunch they will head out to spend the night under the tarps and are excited to take complete charge of cooking tonight. Kids are doing well and excited about the action packed day.

Date: 17 June 2017

P5- Sitlakhet Day 4
The weather is awesome as usual. Sun continues to play hide and seek and keeping the rains at bay. Brooklyn 99 is back from their night out after an awesome experience. They are out for the friendship ladder challenge in the first half. Post lunch they will go for Riffle Shooting. Both Mountain Rockies and Black commandos are out to learn various survival skills for their night out. They will head out post lunch for their night out experience. All kids are enjoying and are doing well. 

Date: 16 June 2017

P5 – Sitlakhet Day 3
Weather is pleasant at Sitlakhet. It rained a bit last evening and the sun is playing hide and seek this morning. Seems like there might be some showers later in the day. Brooklyn 99 went to learn various survival skills for their first night out. Full of enthusiasm, post lunch they will leave for their night out to Vivekananda Caves where they will cook their own dinner and sleep in the wilderness. Mountain Rockies tried their newly acquired skills at bouldering to climb the rock with ropes this morning. Post lunch they will learn navigation and map reading. The Black commandos went to learn Navigation and Map reading this morning. They navigated their way to the temple. All the kids are doing great and in high spirits.

Date: 15 June 2017

P5 – Sitlakhet Day 2
Kids reached campus safe & sound yesterday at 5.30pm. Hope you got our sms. They got to know each other in camp fun time and had an early lights off after dinner to recover from their journey. Kids woke up to awesome weather this morning with turquoise blue skies and not a cloud in them! The rains last night cooled down the temperatures as well. Kids named their groups. The Red Star group named themselves Brooklyn 99 and the 2 White Star groups are called Mountain Rockies and Black Commandos!

All the groups went out for their morning activities after chota hazari and breakfast. Brooklyn 99 went on an off trail hike to the Temple. Mountain Rockies started their day with the low ropes course and after lunch will go for bouldering to get accustomed to the rocks. Black Commandos went for a hike, learning, hiking skills, mountain manners & ‘Leave No Trace’ principles. Post Lunch, Brooklyn 99 & Black Commandos will pick their choice of Endeavour activity between tie-&-dye, juggling & bracelet making. Kids are all excited and having fun!

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