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S6 - Program Updates

?19 June 2018

S6 - Sitlakhet Day 6
The TBP kids reached their second nightout spot - this time in the caves - in the evening yesterday. They kept up their spirits & showed a total never give up attitude. On reaching, they set up their camp & cooked dinner. Just before having dinner, the skies cleared & a bed of stars became visible. They all went for a star gazing session. After dinner, they sat around singing & sharing stories. Kids returned this morning at breakfast. The Bikers learnt higher level biking techniques - stoppies, wheelies & rode on The Wall yesterday afternoon. In the evening, they had a comic round of storytelling. 

Today is the final day of activities on camp. Kids are all doing fine. Bikers went for a long ride & TBP kids did a reflection on the trek & sealed their bonds with a Trust Fall. Post lunch, they have a packed agenda with the Youreka Premiere League, followed by closing ceremonies & the Talent show at night.

18 June 2018

S6 - Sitlakhet Day 5
The TBP kids reached camp yesterday evening after 5hrs of trekking! They built a fire & did the whole works from coffee to soup to dinner which was vegetable fried rice. A gentle evening breeze brought the smell of an earth freshly drenched in rain which mixed with the smells of masala being fried. They sat around the campfire after winding up dinner & then slept peacefully in their tents. The Bikers also went for their nightout yesterday evening, independently navigating to the campsite & managing their dinner. It was a clear night & kids enjoyed the bonfire in the wilderness!

This morning, both groups wound up camp & did LNT. The TBP groups had a breakfast of bread, cheese, butter, coffee and, mashed potatoes that they had diligently saved from the dinner menu! Some strategic planning at play there! They started their trek for their 2nd camping spot soon after breakfast. Bikers returned to camp for breakfast. They were happy to be back with their bikes & went for their temple run - a technical ride where they applied all that they had learnt so far. Kids are all fine & weather has been good so far. Fingers crossed for another good day!

17 June 2018

S6 - Sitlakhet Day 4
Yesterday, after lunch, TBP group did the high & low ropes course where they got over their fears & also learnt about interdependence & mutual support. Bikers learnt survival skills like tarp pitching & fire building which they will need for their survival nightout. In the evening, the kids listened to instructor Narender who spoke to them about his experiences in his successful journey climbing Mt Everest.
Both groups started their morning with an energetic game of Pithoo. The TBP group was looking forward to their expedition. They had their breakfast, packed up their bags for the 3 days out & set out for their expedition after an early lunch. The Bikers learnt to negotiate several elements of the obstacle course. It rained late morning & is now drizzling lightly. If weather clears, the Bikers will go for their Survival night. They will trek to a camping spot, pitch their tents, cook their dinner & sleep in the wilderness.

16 June 2018

S6 - Sitlakhet Day 3

Kids are high on energy! Yesterday, after lunch, the TBP group learnt camping skills and fire building with a focus on chula making while the Bikers learnt navigation skills with compass & sketch map. They practiced these skills on a hike. At camp fun, they played Outburst followed by Pictionary which grew competitive!
It rained again early this morning. Chota Haazri was forced indoors & the kids did face painting while waiting for the rain to stop. After breakfast, weather cleared & kids were happy to go for their activities. TBP group went to learn and practice wilderness navigation and building improvised shelter, both of which will be central to their success during the expedition. Bikers learnt more biking skills like table top & drifting & then went on an offtrail ride. Kids are doing fine & are happy to be in nature.

15 June 2018

S6 - Sitlakhet Day 2
Kids reached campus safe & sound yesterday at about 6.15pm, delayed by the Summer traffic along the route. They were welcomed with hot tea & snacks. They had their campus briefing & settled into their tents soon after. After soup, they got into their activity groups and  introduced each other, shared expectations & set norms for the coming week. It started raining around this time & the rains continued through the night.
Kids woke up refreshed from their sleep to a rainy morning, which was a bit of a dampener on their excitement to start the morning activities. They all went for a walk in the drizzle & then had breakfast. It stopped raining by then & the kids went out for their first activity. Bikers got their bikes & were introduced to them. They learnt basic skills of mountain riding. The TBP group went for an acclimatization hike skilling up along the way. All kids are fine & hoping the weather Gods will be on their side.

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