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DAK Program 06 - 11 June 2017

Date: 08 Jun 2017

DAK – Kawalag Day 3
Weather remained clear yesterday for the rest of the day. Neha Maam’s birthday was celebrated & then all of them enjoyed dancing Himachali folk dances around the campfire last night. Youreka wishes Neha Maam a very happy birthday! The skies were a little cloudy this morning. It may rain. This morning, Agra ke Chorre went to learn navigation skills on a hike with a sketch map & compass. Post Lunch, they will do Zipline, slack line & spider web! Ultimate Survivors went for rappelling this morning. After lunch, they will make bandanas, test their marksmanship in rifle shooting and do zipline. We pray that the weather gods remain kind!

Date: 07 Jun 2017

DAK - Kawalag Day 2
It was raining in Kawalag since yesterday evening and stopped only late morning today. All kids are safe and sound. They enjoyed making Mad Ads at last night's camp fun. This morning, they played indoor games due to the rain. After Breakfast kids 'tattoed' themselves. The skies gave relief finally and kids went out for their activities. Group 1 - Agra ke Chhore did commando net and tyre climbing. They will go for Rappelling after lunch. Group 2 - The Ultimate Survivors went for a hike to top point and after lunch, they will do commando net and tyre climbing. Kids are doing fine!

Date: 06 Jun 2017

DAK - Kawalag Day 1
Weather is pleasant at the campus. Kids reached safe and sound at 7:30 am this morning. Hope all of you got our SMS. Kids had their expectations and norm setting session. They have been divided into 2 groups and went out for a visit to the nearby temple in the first half. Post breakfast group 1 will do Bandana Making and Rifle Shooting and group 2 will do Slackline and Spider web. Kids are very excited and high on energy.

Team Youreka

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