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MSK4 - Program Updates

28 March 2018

MSK4 - Kambre Day 5
Kids enjoyed their Talent Night yesterday. They woke to another sunny day on camp which is their last one. After breakfast, they headed to the lake for raft building & then played in the water for a while. They then got back for lunch. They are now all engaged in teh Youreka Premiere League & will then do their closing ceremonies with sharing & appreciation. They will leave campus at about 4pm. We hope you will listen to their stories and continue their regular exposure to Nature. It is becoming increasingly difficult to send our kids outdoors with pollution, traffic & less green spaces. However, these opportunities and spaces need to be created as research is showing that Nature is essential for the physical, mental & emotional well being of our children. Regular exposure reduces stress & incidents of depression while boosting energy & creativity.

27 March 2018

MSK4 - Kambre Day 4
All kids are fine and they loved the night out experience yesterday. It was awesome for the kids. This morning, they returned to a warm breakfast. After Breakfast, they did low ropes course along with team games and will continue post Lunch. They are looking forward to the Talent Show tonight where they will perform for their teachers & instructors & fellow campmates. Post that, some dance & music & then lights out.

26 March 2018

MSK4 - Kambre Day 3
All the kids are doing great. The weather at Kambre is hot & sunny. Kids went out to learn camping skills this morning like pitching tents and building a fire. They have had lunch & after rest and freshening up, they will head out for their nightout. They will use the camping skills they learnt this morning and cook their own dinner and sleep in the wilderness. They will return to camp tomorrow morning.

25 March 2018

MSK4 - Kambre Day 2
Kids played Wag the Tail & Minute to Win It games yesterday evening & enjoyed themselves. They woke to a sunny morning & after breakfast, headed for a Day Out. They will trek to a camping site where they will make their fire and cook their own lunch. Along the way, they will also do rock climbing & rappelling. They are expected to get back to campus in the evening for snacks, post which they will do reflection & then enjoy more fun games. Kids are all fine.

24 March 2018

MSK4 - Kambre Day 1

Kids reached safe & sound at 10am this morning. We hope you got our sms. They were welcomed with a warm breakfast and then had their campus briefing & tent allocation where they found out who their tent mates are going to be for the next few days! Kids settled into their tents and got time to rest. After lunch, they will go for expectation sharing followed by chai and snacks. In the evening, they will reflect upon their journey to Kambre, post which, fun games are in store for them! Lights out will be early today so that the kids can recover from the overnight journey. Weather is hot warm & sunny and kids are well.

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