Camp Kambre Program Updates

Youreka New Delhi Camp-Kambre

L2 Program 04 April - 09 April 2017

Date: 09 April  2017

L2 - Kambre Day 6
Weather is pleasant today. All the kids are doing great. They enjoyed YPL yesterday and had an awesome Talent and DJ night. 
This morning they did their closing ceremonies with sharing and appreciation. Kids bid adieu to the campus and departed on their homeward journey at 12:40 pm.
We at Youreka hope you will listen to all their stories and continue to expose them to nature as research shows that nature is essential for their physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Date: 08 April  2017

L2 – Kambre Day 5
Weather is pleasant at the camp. All the kids are doing great and enjoying the camp.  Kids went for Ropes Courses this morning. Post lunch they will play YPL (Youreka Premier League).  Kids are excited and eagerly waiting for it. 

Date: 07 April  2017

L2 - Kambre Day 4
Weather is sunny and warm at the campus. All the children are doing great.  Kids returned from an amazing night out. They had a good time amidst wilderness last night. Kids went for Raft Building this morning. Post-lunch they will play initiative games.

Date: 06 April  2017

L2 - Kambre Day 3
Weather is sunny at the campus.  All the kids are doing great and enjoying the camp activities. Last night they had an awesome time. Kids thoroughly enjoyed the campfun activity.  Kids went for rock climbing this morning. Post-lunch they will leave for Night out. Kids will trek to a spot, pitch their own tents, cook food, enjoy the campfire and sleep in the wilderness.  

Date: 05 April  2017

L2 - Kambre Day 2
Weather is sunny and warm at the campus.  All the children are great. Last evening they relaxed to recover from the long journey.  Kids have named their group as "Food Fighters". This morning They went to learn survival skills.  Post lunch they will go for a trek and will learn to make their own maps. Campfun games are planned after the silent hour.  

Date: 04 April  2017

L2 - Kambre Day 1
Weather is pleasant at the campsite. Kids reached safe and sound at 02:15 pm. Hope all of you got our SMS. Kids settled into their tents after campus orientation.They are now out for expectation sharing, icebreaker, and fun games. 

Team Youreka

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