Camp Junga Program Updates

Youreka New Delhi

GNPF9 12 April - 17 April

Date: 16 April 2017
GNPF9 - Junga Day 4
The skies are clear & bright & not a cloud is in the sky :) It's the last day on camp for the kids. They enjoyed the Youreka Premiere League this morning after breakfast. They are now having lunch & will do their closing ceremonies with sharing & appreciation later in the afternoon. They will then have snacks & by 4.30pm, bid sayonara to the camp. We hope you will listen to their stories when they get back & continue their regular exposure to nature. Research shows that nature is essential to our physical, emotional & mental well-being. Ir reduces stress & depression and boosts energy & creativity.

Date: 15 April 2017
GNPF9 - Junga Day 3
Last night, kids had lots of fun making Mad Ads! It's another clear & sunny day at camp. Kids are doing fine. Jai Mata Di went for their turn at Dayout & will do valley crossing along the way. They are expected to return to camp by tea time. 21 Children went for rappelling this morning & will challenge themselves on the high ropes course post lunch. Jungles did the high ropes course challenge this morning & post lunch will head out for rappelling. All of them are looking forward to the Talent Night that they will put up later this evening.

Date: 14 April 2017
GNPF9 - Junga Day 2 
It's a clear sunny day at the campus. Kids had a great time yesterday. Michael's birthday was celebrated last night at the campus. Team Youreka wishes him a very happy birthday. 
Jai Mata di went for Rappeling in the morning session. Post lunch group will do High Ropes Courses. 
Twenty One Children and Junglees are out for dayout.  They will navigate their way to a spot, pitch their tents and cook food for the lunch. In the evening Twenty One Children will go for valley crossing and Junglees will do Low Ropes Courses.
All the kids are doing great and enjoying the camp activities. 

Date: 13 April 2017
GNPF9- Junga Day 1
Weather is pleasant at the campsite. Kids reached safe and sound at 8:15 am. Hope all of you got our SMS.
Kids are very excited and energetic for an amazing camping experience.
Kids settled down into their tents after campus orientation. Post breakfast they had expectation sharing, ice breakers, and norms setting session.
Kids have been divided into three groups and named "Jai Mata Di", "Twenty One Children" and "Junglees".
Post lunch Jai Mata Di, will go for Exploration walk and LNT. Twenty-One Children, will do Low Ropes Courses and Junglees, will go for Valley Crossing.
More fun awaits them in campfun this evening.

Team Youreka

SDPF9 Program 28 March - 30 March

Date: 30 Mar 2017
SDPF9 - Junga Day 3
Weather is pleasant at the camp. All the kids are fine and totally enthusiastic. Kids thoroughly enjoyed their dayout yesterday and showed some great teamwork. Last night's Talent show had some seriously good talent. Soon after breakfast, kids participated in YPL (Youreka Premier League), followed by the closing ceremonies.  They will have an early lunch today and will leave campus by 1 pm.  We hope you will listen to their stories and continue their nature play which is essential for their all-round growth & well-being.

Date: 29 Mar 2017
SDPF9 - Junga Day 2
Weather is pleasant at the camp. Kids are full of energy and very happy. They enjoyed their night trek yesterday. Kids have been divided into 4 groups. They named themselves as "Junglee Kide", "Junglee Gai", "Hell haunts" and "Dhakkar".
All the kids went for a day out today. They trekked out after breakfast. They will cook their lunch at a camping spot and learn tent pitching. Along the way, 2 groups will do Tyrolene Traverse and 2 groups will do Rappelling. It's an action packed day. Talent Night & Bonfire await them when they are back at snacks time. All kids are doing fine.

Date: 28 Mar 2017
SDPF9 – Junga day 1
Weather is sunny and pleasant. All the kids are doing well. They are very energetic for an amazing camping adventure. They had lunch and then settled into their tents after the briefing. Post lunch they went for a short hike and had their expectations sharing session. In the evening kids will go for a night trek followed by dinner and lights out.

Team Youreka