Camp Jayalgarh Program Updates

Youreka New Delhi

BSJ Program 21 April - 28 April 2017

Date: 27 April

BSJ - Day 6
It's a sunny day at the campus.  Yesterday  Dhruv stunned the whole campus with his amazing card tricks.
Kids are out for tree jummaring and body surfing. They will also play YPL in the first half.  Post lunch will be the formal closing ceremonies.  Kids will bid adieu to the camp at around 5:00 pm.  Hope you will continue their exposure to nature,  as it is essential for their mental, physical and emotional well-being.

Date: 26 April

BSJ -  Day 5
Weather is pleasant at the camp. Kids went for 24 KMs Rafting stretch in the morning.  They will do bull ring and other endeavour activities in the second half. 
Kids will enjoy music night and play some games in the evening. All the kids are doing well and enjoying the activities.

Date: 25 April

BSJ - Day 4
It is a bright sunny day at the campus. Kids are excited to go for 8 km rafting stretch again but this time they will navigate the raft themselves. 
Post lunch they will do bridge slithering and valley crossing.  All the kids are doing great and enjoying the action packed days at the campus.

Date: 24 April

BSJ - Day 3

Weather is bright and sunny at the campus. Kids enjoyed the Wag the tail during yesterday's campfun. 
Kids went for Rappelling and Jummaring this morning. Post lunch they will do Duckie Ride and Stream Walk.  All the kids are doing great and enjoying their camping experience. 

Date: 23 April

BSJ - Day 2

Kids had lots of fun with ad making during camp fun last night. They woke up at 7 today, did Chota Hazri and ate breakfast. Kids did 8 kms rafting. Along with Rafting kids also learnt rescue technique and flipping of raft. They are really doing well in water activities. Post lunch kids will do in-house activities - Key punch, Wag the tail followed by a volleyball match.

Date: 22 April

BSJ - Day 1

After a fun day at Delhi and watching Fast & Furious, children reached the campus at 8.30 am and were welcomed by slight rain. They have settled in well and are all charged up for the exciting days ahead. The group has named themselves as "Phut Phut" and spent the morning swimming and body surfing in the cool waters of the Ganges. Post lunch the children will attend a session on river hydrology and learn about eddies along with a session on first aid. Camp fun is planned for the evening before they retire in their tents for the day. An action packed day and all children are doing well, looking forward to the days ahead. The day is warm with pleasant evenings.

Team Youreka