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R4 Program Update

Date: 10 June 2017

R4 – Jayalgarh Day 5
Skies are cloudy at Jayalgarh. It rained yesterday but kids are safe and sound and enjoying their camping experience. They started their 24 KMs rafting stretch this morning. Kids will raft down from campus to Dev Prayag and will be back on campus on 2:00 pm. They will take part in Youreka Premier League in the second half. All kids are doing great and are high on energy. 

Date: 09 June 2017

R4 – Jayalgarh Day 4
Weather is a bit cloudy at Jayalgarh.  it's inside out day at camp today and kids are wearing everything inside out. Today group is again out for Rafting starting from Srinagar and ending near the campus. However, this time kids will navigate the raft themselves and use the skills they learnt yesterday. They will do bridge slithering along the way as well. Post lunch group will do valley crossing and play some team games, like wag the tail and pipes and marbles.   All kids are doing great and enjoying their rafting adventure. 

Date: 08 June 2017

R4 – Jayalgarh Day 3
The drizzling stopped yesterday afternoon and kids did all their activities as planned. They are high on energy and enjoying the camp. Kids went out this morning for their first ride on the river. They will do a stretch from Srinagar to campus, learning raft flipping along the way. Later in the afternoon, they will do tree jummaring and then enjoy camp fun games after their silent hour. Skies threatened this morning with clouds but holding up as of now.

Date: 07 June 2017

R4 - Jayalgarh Day 2
Kids enjoyed all their activities yesterday. The skies held up till evening and then poured for a few hours. Kids enjoyed some camp fun indoors. They are all safe and fine. This morning, kids woke to a pleasant day. They went out for rappelling and jummaring after breakfast. The rains had left the rappelling areas untouched! Post lunch, weather permitting, they will get into the river and learn paddling, eddying and river hydrology. We'll pray for the weather gods to be kind!

Date: 06 June 2017

R4 – Jayalgarh Day 1
Weather is pleasant at the campus. Kids reached safe and sound this morning at 9:30 am. Hope all of you got our SMS. After breakfast, they went for expectation sharing and norms setting session. Post lunch they will do an equipment introduction session and learn about Life Jackets, Helmet, Rafting Paddle etc. During the session, kids will do body surfing and cliff jumping as well. They are excited about action packed days ahead.


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