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C3 - Program Updates

27 May 2018

C3 - Chakrata Day 3
Yesterday, after reflection, kids shed their inhibitions, dressed themselves up in straw & balloons & did a fashion show! They had a good time. They woke up fresh. The weather seems a little cloudy & may drizzle later. Kids are doing fine. After chota haazri, the group had a challenging session of Tera-Tera where they had to set it all up themselves using instructions & then enjoyed crossing the line they had set up.They have had lunch & will soon go for their afternoon activities. Kids are all doing great!

26 May 2018

C3 - Chakrata Day 2
?We deeply apologise for the delay in posting the update on your children. The kids reached campus at 2.30pm yesterday afternoon. They were all fine & weather was sunny. They were welcomed with warm Lunch & cool air. After lunch, they had a campus orientation and then got to know who their tent mates were going to be for the next 7 days. They settled in & then went on a short acclimatisation hike where they shared their expectations & set norms. They have decided to call themselves Khhai Warriors, showing their own enthusiasm for the camp! They played ice breaker games to get to know one another better. Lights out was early to recover from the early morning.

This morning, kids woke up early to the sounds of chirping birds. Weather is warm in the day & very pleasant with cool winds in the morning and evening. The group energised at chota haazri and after breakfast, started with their first activity of the camp. They went on a hike where they learnt Mountain manners & Leave No Trace principles. They had lunch at 1pm & post that played games to build initiative & team work such as key punch & Moonwalk. They have just sat down for their solo reflection after tea & snacks. Kids are all enjoying themselves & so are the leaders. It's a great group that has already begun bonding together!


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