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C4 - Program Updates

06 Jun 2018

C4 - Chakrata Day 7
The day at the river yesterday was a lot of fun for the Red Star kids while the White star kids cenjoyed their Treasure Hunt. The kids put up a good Talent Night in the evening & then enjoyed some music & dance. It had rained just before dawn for a couple of hours. Kids are fine.
This morning, kids woke up to a cloudy morning. Seems like the weather gods are also sad to see the kids leave from camp. They packed their bags, cleaned up their tents & had breakfast. They then played the Youreka Premiere League followed by closing ceremonies where they shared their experiences & appreciated each other. They will leave campus by 2.30pm for their homeward journey. We hope you will listen to their stories & continue their regular exposure to nature & the outdoors. Research shows that nature is essential for the physical, emotional & mental well being of the children; apart from that, research is also showing that free play in the outdoors is very important in building life skills like problem solving, interpersonal relationships & conflict resolution.

05 Jun 2018

C4 - Chakrata Day 6
The Red Star group let their creative juices flow yesterday afternoon as they designed tie-&-dye patterns on their bandanas. In the evening, they played Words Auction. The White star kids reached their camping spot, pitch their tents & had a lot of fun & cooking & sleeping in the wilderness.

This morning, the White Stars returned excited from their nightout. They exchanged stories form their experiences during breakfast. All the kids have funky hairstyles today. The weather is cloudy & warm. The Red Star group left for a day out in the Yamuna River with a packed lunch. They will be doing body surfing, cliff jumping & river crossing which they were really looking forward to. The White Star kids relaxed for a while & then sat down for a creative morning making post cards with colours and crayons. After lunch, the group will apply all they have learnt in a Treasure Hunt. Both the groups are looking forward to the Talent Night this evening & will start their preparation after snack this afternoon! Kids are fine & enjoying being in the cool outdoors!

04 Jun 2018

C4 - Chakrata Day 5
The White Star group which had the campus all to themselves yesterday did tree jummaring after lunch. In the evening, they played Minute to Win It games. The Red Star group had a great nightout & enjoyed sleeping in the open, under the stars.
This morning, kids woke to foggy weather. The Red Star group returned excited to the campus & shared their stories over breakfast with their White star counterparts. They went for rappelling after breakfast & some rest. The White Star group learnt survival skills & are looking forward to their turn at the nightout today!

03 Jun 2018

C4 - Chakrata Day 4
Yesterday after lunch, the 2 groups relaxed on campus & engaged in Endeavour activities. White Star made bracelets for themselves & Red Star created a newspaper. They all enjoyed minute to win it games at camp fun which got nice & competitive.
Kids are dressed as twins today. They had an energetic Chota Haazri & a hearty breakfast. White Star went for rock climbing & Red Star learnt survival skills like navigation & fire building which they will use in the afternoon. After Lunch, the red star kids will all pack their backpacks & then navigate themselves to a camping spot. There they will pitch their tents, build a fire & cook their own dinner. They will sleep in the wilderness & return tomorrow morning. Kids are all doing fine. The clouds & sun are playing hide & seek on campus.

02 Jun 2018

C4 - Chakrata Day 3
Yesterday afternoon, after Lunch, Red Star kids went for ziplining & challenged themselves on the Commando Net while the White Star kids enjoyed some creative activity painting on natural things they found around the campus like barks & pebbles. Some of their artwork was amazing! In the evening, it rained for about 1.5hrs & then the skies cleared. Kids stayed indoors & played antakshari! 

Kids woke up to a clear & warm day. After chota haazri & breakfast, white star went for commando net & ziplining while the red star kids went for tree jummaring. All the kids are high on energy & doing well. They are enjoying the nature around them!

01 Jun 2018

C4 - Chakrata Day 2
The group reached the campus at 1:30 in the afternoon. They had their lunch & then had their campus orientation. They were allocated their tents and groups after that where they got to know who their tent mates were going to be. Expectations were shared amongst the groups and they played ice-breakers to get to know each other. The clever Red stars named themselves ‘Oye Idhar Aao’ while the “radiant” white stars call themselves the ‘Shining Whites’. All the kids showed their creativity in ad making during camp fun in the evening.
The morning brought a blanket of clouds that covered the sky. Despite this, the kids were excited for the activities. Post breakfast, team ‘Oye Idhar Aao’ went for a long hike while the ‘Shining Whites’ went for a relatively shorter introductory hike. Both teams have been introduced to mountain manners & ‘Leave No Trace’ principles. Kids are all fine & have had their lunch. They are now relaxing on campus, taking turns to bathe & waiting for their afternoon activities.

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